A daytrip to a playful florida keys park is so fun-to-do

Finding the secret Beaches in the Florida Keys
The kids spent so much time in the water and along the shoreline. go

Swimming Area in Key West
We usually only come down for two or three night so paying a little bit extra for something worthwhile to is just what we like best. go

Family Swim Park
As with all beaches in the Florida Keys, everyone will need to have on water shoes. go

Louie's Backyard Public Beach
Any place you can get wet and enjoy the ocean is just fantastic. go

Beach Bar of the Florida Keys
Love the seafood, views, and the Tropical Rum Punch. go

Main Beach
This is what's hot for keeping cool in the upper Florida Keys for keeping cool! go

Make it a Beach Vacation for sure
There is a lagoon area stocked with fish and you can snorkel. go

Frozen Drinks on the Beach
The resort is just spectacular and they serve you frozen cocktails and food to your chair at the beach or by the swimming pool. go


Excellent for Swimming

How is the food at Lazy Days Restaurant
So do plan on fishing for your dinner when time permits. go

Front Row Waterfront Seating
Open seven days a week in Marathon is a restaurant that only has front-row waterfront seating. go

Where to Buy Fresh Caught Fish
You can pick from a bunch of different styles. go

Oceanfront 3 Bedroom Weekly Rental
The island is all travel friendly with paved bike or jogging paths to take you everywhere. go

Using the Boat in Marathon
We looked at most of the low to medium cost hotels on Marathon and picked here because of the city center location. go

Dominican Republic Cigar Shop
We really enjoy getting the complete Key West Experience and this shop just tops the list! go

Yummy Seats on Duval
What about a big shrimp po boy sandwich or even some very fresh-tasting conch ceviche! go


Near the Shoreline

Excellent for Swimming

It was joyful to spend a lot of time near the Shoreline. There are some neat places to go that we would like to point out. Rest Beach Park is a lesser-known place down in Key West. In the Florida Keys, the water is everywhere and a beach is any public access spot you are legal to jump in! This spot is next to Higgs Beach, where the main parking lot is located. You can use your bicycles and take a ride over to White Street Park. This park is just perfect for checking out the cool waterfront scene. Motor boats, sailing ships, and waverunners are typically out playing just off the end of the pier. Most everybody knows about Higgs Beach Pier, which is really photogenic. Only in Key West can you walk out to the end of a beach pier and find stairs that make it easy to enter and exit the water. You can walk to the end and swim, snorkel, or float on a raft. For those of you with kids and dogs you will really enjoy Astro Park Playground. Our children just loved the opportunity to play in the sand and swings at astro park. There is tennis courts and a dog park.

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