A little planning can make a big difference in hotel satisfaction

Rooms Were really Nice
The wraparound balcony is a true classic which helps showcase the tropical grounds. go

Poolside pleasures make you smile
The waterfront views are outstanding and they offer one of the very best swimming pools on the island. go

Waterfront Hotel and Tiki Bar
This is the best area to find fishing charters, sunset sailing trips, and sealife encounters. go

Active Vacation Zone
It is really nice to stay in style. go

Where is the best place to stay on Key West
Try the locals focused El Siboney Restaurant, less than a mile away. go

It is the Watersports World Hotel
We did it all since they have all the watersports amenities right here at the ocean front property. go

Hotel on the Waterfront
I was very impressed with the property, and the money being spent to improve. go

Be Surrounded by Tiki Bars
It was a breeze to pop down to the Mile Marker 108 zone from Kendall, less than an hour. go


Hotel Research

Fishing is going to be Great Today
Do know the one-fish bag limit and most people do not keep any of the fish caught. go

Gift Store at Mile Marker 102
Lots of home decor, clothing, gifts, and trinkets to choose from. go

Simple Classic Recipe Menu
Taste some really good hand-cut island fries to go with the burger. go

Kayak Launch
There's a really good website called http://www.windfinder.com which is what we use on our smart phones to understand where and when the winds are going to go. go

Where to get Florida Keys Scuba Certification
Confidence and knowledge are the key to a safe trip out on the wrecks or reefs. go

Cats have fun in this Town
End the day the same way. go

Looking for the Dinner Deals and Treasures
Everyone is friendly here and you will like the views as tourists buzz by none stop. go

Getting ready for Vacation Play

Make sure to have your car checked fully before driving down to the Florida Keys. We can get your battery checked on Saturday right after the Key Largo plant sale. Do not stop for fuel, as we can get that on Saturday on the way to the battery checking store. If this test fails, you can buy a battery right then and they install it. The process takes about 5 minutes for the test and if replacing, 20 minutes max. A person could go to a couple of the auto parts stores as a double or triple check of results if they want to. The battery checks are free, so five or ten minutes each to get confirmation seems like a very good situation for consumers. You just have to take 3 more trips, and then we will get the battery assessed. Please remember to come straight to my house so you do not have to turn off the car. Just in case, even though it has been starting ok fine.

Lindsey J.

Really good Accommodations

The Matecumbe Resort is in a nice location, it was a pleasure week of fun. We really loved the waterway system here, as you have plenty of bridge zones to cruise back and forth between the ocean and the gulf. It was very nice having really good accommodations in a location where there's so much to do. I thought the guestrooms were very nice, and clean and I love the tile flooring. It seems like when you rent hotels or condominiums that have tile floors, there is a very little chance of having any odor from wetness of any kind. I know many times we've stayed in hotels that have carpeting, and we bring our water coolers, that hold the beer and the fish and things like that. Ice slowly melts and there's a lot of condensation the tickets on the outside of the ice cooler. Even a yeti cooler will eventually have water on the outside. Water and carpet, mixes with dirt and creates bad odors. Thank goodness for renting with a place that smells wonderful because of the great flooring.

Savannah O.