A little research can mean some really good hotel rates

Top of the Florida Keys is Key Largo
It was a breeze to pop down to the Mile Marker 108 zone from Kendall, less than an hour. go

Waterfront Hotels Are the Way to Go
I was very impressed with the property, and the money being spent to improve. go

Escape from Reality
Cook your own catch outside on the ready to go gas bbq grills with a beer in hand. go

Good pick in Marathon
Everyone staying here will feel completely revitalized and relaxed in her poolside paradise. go

Really good views from the Swimming Pool
It was so nice to do everything on bicycles, as pathways take you from end to end on Marathon. go

Vacations in Bikinis
Oh yes, we got to take the boat down on this trip to the Florida Keys. go

What is the best Hotel-Resort in Islamorada
Planning our trip now and we have decided to stay here. go

Best Florida Keys Value Resort
Be sure to take the kayaks out for a nice spin, what a great treat. go


Trip Selection Guide

You will get plenty of great times learning about mother-nature in Key West, as this town is way more than happy hour cocktails. go

Chug a Beer Traditions
The menu is excellent for a lazy evening in the keys! go

Island Asian Restaurant is a Winner
Start with some hand rolled sushi and then work into your choice of dish: chicken, pork, shrimp, beef, or all vegetable treats. go

Live Bait is the key to Florida Keys Fishing Success
Fishing in Marathon is a pleasure and we like to catch yellowtail and mahi because they are so good to eat. go

Community of Vacation Rentals
Just remember not to speed on the Sadowski Causeway, it is so small the police are everywhere. go

Loves the Pink Snapper Tacos
They had live music going on in the evening and now it is every night. go

Motorcycle Driving
The views are outstanding once you get down to the jew creek bridge, then comes Key Largo and it is beautiful all the way down. go


How much for a Hotel Room

Trip Selection Guide

Spending less for the room give the wallet room for water play during the day and dining at night. After some beach time, happy hour, a crawl along Duval, Sunset Celebration and the nighttime bar scene, all you'll want to do when you get back to your accommodations is sleep. Saving hotel money sometimes requires a compromise, so identify those things you simply can't do without and categorize everything else as a possible concession. Do some homework to ease the strain on your wallet. Booking a cheap motel rather than a resort or historic inn will leave you with more cash. You're coming to Key West to soak up the sun and dip in the sea, not for the hotel bed. The ugly truth is that a trip to paradise can be costly, but there are plenty of good deals.

Ola E.