A lot of the best things you can get to on bicycles

You are going to love the Hotel
You walk to the fun, as it is near Sloppy Joes and the other fancy downtown bars. go

It is a Super place for a Concert
Keep a good eye out on the event schedule and you will be surprised at the fantastic shows and entertainers booked to play here. go

Part of the Trolley Tour
Do it during the day and not at night! go

Be Sure to Stop and See for Free
Orchids and bromeliads are featured items. go

The Trolley Train stops here
It makes it nice because you can do your own walking or bike tour. go

See the giant Royal Poinciana
Personally, I am a big fan of the Custom House. go

Boat Docks at Garrison Bight
There is a whole history behind this classic tradition, known as Charterboat Row. go

This is Now a Key West Mini Department Store
Just as soon as you see the building, it is obvious something special is going on here. go


Discover Famous Locations

Deep Sand will make you work
Seems like most of the people that are playing are college or high school age, as it is a great workout. go

The Most Popular Bar Drinks on the Island
This is where we enjoy the afternoons and evenings in Key West, especially when we finish tennis, jogging, or bicycling. go

Hidden Beach Spots
The locals in the area take advantage of this location, just so scenic and refreshing. go

Pet Friendly Rentals in Key West
You get wifi to connect the gadgets, and the kitchen-play zone was the best. go

Do not miss the Swinging Chairs
One of the places that I fell for the first time we went in. go

Big Resorts
The resort tiki bar will keep you cool with mango smoothies. go

Neat Places that Shine for Cocktails
Live music is so fun and also there are places that have nightly acts and different style of entertainment, like here at the 801 Bar. go

Fun Checking out Local History

Spooky is the word and be on your toes during a ghost tour of historic Key West. This is a walking tour and everything is close to your departing location at 430 Duval. Try some of the odd spots off the main roads. We have a lot of fun checking out local history.

Joanna C.

A Great History

Bahama Village was very nice to explore on bicycles. You will cruise through Bahama Village, it just sticks out as something different. What at interesting neighborhood, one with a great history. Make sure you understand the Bicycle Parking rules. It is prohibited from locking a bicycle to a sign, tree, and other non-rack items. The Key West parking enforcement officials can remove your bicycle, costing you valuable time going through the process of getting it back. Take your bicycle tour over to the White Street Pier the scenic spots along the waterfront in Key West is exactly what we spend most of our time exploring. It is beautiful here and very relaxing. Make sure to get a photo at the End US1 Landmark. This is it, you can go no further down south. This is the mile marker zero sign that is the very end of US1 here in Key West. Always take a photo or video here.

Fanny B.

Cool to get to Know

It is cool to get to know you again Key West, the coolest city ever. I can tell you a little secret, I am very judicious with my time with vacation planning. Meaning I do not just jibber-jabber as said on the big bang theory by the blond girl. I most like sheldon's mom, that woman is funny! Back to topic, judicious time! The Cityview Trolley wins again. It is really waste my time even communicating with anybody unless I respect them about vacation planning and the tours to make all so happy. Trust me it's true. It's because I value my personal time I don't waste a minute with jibber jabber with people on Sadowski Causeway bicycle path. I don't want to converse with and be part of their lives, if they do not have travel down. That's a compliment, it is nice to reconnect with the friend that's in a different place and spearfishes for two minutes at a time. Like I said I don't chase women around like I used to it's more about the mental side of things! Just respect a good person, me, that has no ill will even if she got a full pitcher of beer pour on her head at the Sunset Grille in Marathon. That is even if I say bad things about poor sentence structure in hastily done voice to text message on the galaxy phone! My Florida Keys voice to text is better than yours! Darn, pam bondi that is hurting the legal marijuana vote in the Florida Keys for November. Please put this comment in the general category, and maybe too may beers at the Green Parrot Bar!

Dominick S.