A park visit is way-more-cool in the florida keys

Helping the Birds Survive
Everything is easy to explore and it is nice and close-up. go

Attractions on Atlantic Avenue Key West
Yes, burn a bunch of calories before you start drinking cocktails. go

Florida Keys Topless Beaches
You would think public beach zones were to be had by the thousands in the Florida Keys, but that is not true. go

Parks for Picnics and Spearfishing
However, the key is what is out on the water and better yet the reefs and underwater dive trips. go

Channel Two Bridge Public Beach
Families with small children will love the opportunity to let their kids get out of the car and play in the water. go

Great looking Turtle T-Shirts
It was opened in the 1980's to help repair injured sea turtles, with a goal of returning them to the ocean. go

Key Colony Beach is the Cutest Place
You will use the parks here on the island more than you would have anticipated. go

Family Travelers Outdoor Picks
The big store has chairs, umbrellas, reef trips and water sports equipment for rent. go


Ideas for Outside

Fish will bite both Day and Night
See you on the water! go

Island Arts Gallery
It was surprisingly cheap shopping in Islamorada at gift center near mile marker 82. go

Schooner Western Union Sailing Museum
What a trip indeed, the folks here really did something special by restoring this treasure. go

Breakfast with the Chickens
The bar is fully stocked with imported and domestic beer, and the frozen smoothie cocktails. go

Mid Island Deli Store
What a fantastic store. go

Free Alcohol Hotels for Pleasures
That is part of what gives it the party vibe, the great entertainment. go

Everyone loves a Cozy Backyard Swing
I love the swinging chairs, just perfect for that big tree in my yard! go

South Florida Nature Lovers

Sorry but we will not be camping in collier State Park because they not only have raccoons, panthers, and huge black bears. They showed the Photographs a guy took today of what must have been a five hundred pound bear. This bear was the same size as they have in Wyoming. This size bear can rip a person a part just like they show on nat geo. This is the camp ground everyone passes heading to the Florida Keys from Naples.

Bret I.

Healthy Ways to Prepare BBQ Foods

There are many healthy ways to prepare foods without all the extra oil, butter, or the bbq briquettes. We are promoting less outdoor cooking or doing it the right way. Flavored and artisan black pepper corns, salts and sugars are trendy right now. You can incorporate artisan vinegars, fine drinking wines and unusual beers into your marinades to create unique and pleasing flavors. Rather than buying pre-soaked planks or pre-processed briquettes, try smoking by soaking whole herbs, spices and tea leaves in water then throwing them on the hot coals to create unusually flavored smoke blends that go far beyond basic mesquite and hickory. Do you love adding smoke to your grilling? You can conserve resources without skimping on flavor if you make marinades using whole spices that you've pan roasted and freshly cracked before blending. Fort Taylor Park is waiting for you to use your healthy bbq cooking skills.

Adrienne K.