A Three Day Midweek Booking is the Cheapest

Great Views and Nice Vacation Location
The suites are clean and modern. go

Staying like a King on the Ocean
Space was important, as staying for two weeks in Key West was a dream vacation for our group of four. go

Pet Friendly Hotel for the Upper Keys
Take the snorkel trips, glassbottom boat, scuba underwater tours, and party boat fishing. go

Hotels in Key West We Recommend to All
This resort just took us by storm and fully exceeded our expectations. go

Old Town Bed and Breakfast
This was so fun, we loved staying in this classic hotel in the middle of it all. go

Free Breakfast
Kayaks are excellent in and around the Key Colony Beach part of the islands. go

Reviews of Key Largo Hotels
The location works well if you are going to take advantage of the Overseas Highway Bicycle Trail. go

Happy Times with the good Location
Hotels within walking distance are so nice to rent. go


Local Travel Perks

Stop 13 Hurricane Houses
Some of the better history of the Island can be found as you follow the Islamorada Historical Heritage Monument Trail. go

Marathon Locals Go Here
Just the coolest place for a hearty fishermen style breakfast. go

Big Pine Florida Keys
Get what you need as you pass onto Big Pine Key. go

Where to buy Train Tickets
I goes all over old town, but you can only get off or on at one of designated stops. go

Bikini or One-Piece Swimwear Shop
The staff will make sure the swimwear works with your figure. go

Happy Hours Winner
The motto is strong pour stiff drinks. go

Quick Food Cafe
I love the iced coffee, cafe breva, and the ninety miles from cuban coffee. go


Recommendations for Hotel Picks

Local Travel Perks

The lucky people are the ones that get to come down here and enjoy the fun. Is this a great area, and we love Islamorada. This is a place we been coming to for years and would love to offer a few recommendations for hotel picks. One of the classic places to stay is in the center of it all is the Islander Resort. You're going to like it, the Islander is fun! It is an Oceanfront Resort in Islamorada, Florida Keys. Stay beachfront and love it. Make sure you check out the rental options and prices at Coconut Cove. The water sports are the big draw at Coconut Cove and so much fun. This island is as good as it gets to enjoy boating and other splashable activities. On the high end of the budget is the Moorings Village. Four people can split and really hold the cost down. The Moorings Village resort is all about doing it right, all in Islamorada Florida Keys. This is luxury beachfront accommodations, and oh so nice. One of the smaller places that a lot of people don't know about is the Lookout Lodge Resort. Come enjoy this clean and lovely Islamorada motel. Great for boaters, with Boat Dockage and Kayaking, plus walk to the marker eighty eight restaurant.

Richard P.