Active vacation days are the way to smile while burning calories

Rainbow Reef Dive Trip
What a cool adventure, it is a blessing to hit the water off the coast of Key Largo. go

Where to take Children in Key West
All of the entertainers here talk and play with the crowd, you can be in the skit, just say something fun. go

Paddle Pleasures of Key West
We had a blast here and would recommend it big-time. go

The Best Key West Dessert Shop
This is our local spot for tasty tingles, fudge, cookies and more. go

Kayak Paddling Locations in the Florida Keys
We are compiling a new modern list of the Marathon Florida Keys Things to Do. go

Playful Times on the Atlantic Ocean
Everything is just so beautiful and scenic, underwater cameras are a must for capturing the memories. go

Sunset Pier Party Boat
What a fantastic thing to do here, maybe the best activity going in the Florida Keys. go

We Like the Zippy Transportation
We have learned our lesson and now head straight to the scooter rental shop, just as soon as we check into the hotel. go


Perpetual Adventurer

Hotel Casablanca of Key West
The property was built in 1898 and has a cool history to learn about. go

Making a Discovery
Here is the shop where the Key Lime Pies are the very best, I love the taste. go

City Center Walgreens
Yes, this is Key West where open beer is a simple pleasure. go

We like to look from the Surface
Pennekamp Marine Park is wonderful and has dive boats going out at various times every single day of the week. go

The Florida Keys are Just so Fun
They had weekend vacancy and out popped my credit card, booked it online. go

Marina Upper Keys Resort
Just extraordinary is the fun and play in the Upper Florida Keys. go

Mayor of Key West
Captain Tony's Saloon is a super cool pub and it's the definition of a dive bar. go

Calorie Burning Vacation Sightseeing

You will be glad to know that my vacation weekend lasted all the way until 10am this morning. Mallory Square was the best of the best this weekend, especially the Catman circus. Catman Kitty got plenty of playtime this morning as today's reward. Plan on sweating on the bicycle rides, so an extra shower or two per day might be required. Being a bit too hot or humid does not qualify as an excuse, except yesterday with all the beach bicycling and the eco-friendly tree planting. Summer does mean the sweat first then swim or shower refresher! The swimming pool temperature is up to 81 degrees!

Gail R.

Doing all the Stuff

What a good time we had doing all the stuff outdoors and the restaurants. I want to say good things about Salty's bar. It is one of the top picks for live music in middle keys Marathon, we like the location. The marina is here and it is fun to watch the captains show their fish catch. If you can time your visit right, do the Conch Air flight. Pick a really nice day and see the Florida Keys from the sky! A plane ride is such a treat. We came in town to enjoy the Pigeon Key Festival. Everyone enjoys the good time and this one is huge. It got so big they had to move the event off of Pigeon Key and over here to the Central Park Community Center. I love the music of the mile marker twenty four band. The howard livingston pool party at our hotel was fantastic. The mile marker twenty four band is very talented and they have a nice island sound.

Twila I.