Always check to see what is on the daily menu specials list

Duval Street Beer Bar
We like the party bars that really hoop it a bit! go

Party Time 7 Nights a Week
They offer a really nice mix of specialty beers to sample from all over the world. go

Irish Red Lager Bar
Other interesting places that we would love to recommend: Two Friends on the Patio, Schooner Wharf, 801 Bourbon Bar, and the famous Green Parrot. go

Island Food is so Healthy
This is one neat place for stepping out for some tropical delights prepared specifically for Florida Keys guests. go

Bahamian Style Red Chowder
Eating the tropical foods is the way to go when dining on the southernmost island. go

Stock Island Pizza
Go crazy have something different. go

A nice mix of Fancy-Casual
Try the seasoned Grits and Grouper and Crab Cakes Picasso, for a special Florida Keys Treat. go

Old Town Patio Cafe
You can't beat the location, right here by the popular Key West Bight Marina. go


Dining Picks

The Hotel is on the US1 Scenic Sidewalk
Try the drink of the day at Captain Tony's Bar. go

What a Pleasure to Stay
Being in the center of the action is a good thing and I would recommend this property for sure. go

Coolest downtown vacation in Florida
It gets a rookie to the island all pumped up, as these tour guides are excellent. go

Touring the Island for Waterfront Sightseeing
This has to be the very best bicycle riding zone in all of Florida. go

Fancy Suites overlooking the Atlantic
Having a fantastic swimming pool in the Florida Keys makes the whole vacation experience so much better. go

Definitely the top spot for Fishing Gear
Pick up your saltwater fishing license too. go

Beginners or a Navy Seal Dive
The crew does an excellent job making it easy and safe. go


Flavors of the Tropics

Dining Picks

Do not miss the hot sauce shop, where you get to try bites. Cheese and crackers help return taste buds to normal between samples. The shop is great for the party dips and nuclear hot sauces. Get your seafood sauce, jerk sauce, burger sauce and steak sauce! This is the store famous for the hot sauce bar. You'll be surprised when you realize how important the sauce is! Take home some flavors of the tropics at Peppers of Key West. We like a store which lets shoppers sample their spicy sauces. The tasting staff entertains and makes helpful suggestions while visitors try different flavors. Each sample comes with a description about what it is you are trying. This is my favorite store of the city.

Bob E.