An always entertaining group of guests makes things fun

Master Chef of Pizza
Get the sixteen inch large and you can share six extra big slices, or have them cut into cube style. go

Must do Bar List
Sloppy Joe's is one of the most historic bars to toast with a sloppy mojito cocktail. go

Where to get Coffee
Buying coffee by the pound gets no better and the staff member will grind it for you. go

Out for Nightlife and Live Music
Ask about their unique whiskey drinks and the one dollar Pabst Blue Ribbon. go

Put Bahamian Conch Chowder on the Menu
Walk out on the pier, and people snorkel here. go

Vintage Crowne Plaza Bar
We love the location and the mango mojito cocktails! go

Open Mic Night is Awesome
There is certainly nothing wrong with making quality food and selling it at favorable pricing. go

Blackened Fresh Catch Salad
We are so glad we stayed here and discovered the poolside bar at the Southernmost Hotel, which is just fantastic. go


Counter Service

How to fish for Keys Permit
We love doing things like this, as Key West is way more about the nature and marine life than is the bar scene. go

Gelato Homemade All Richly Creamy
There are plenty of stops along the main drag, or there is a neat ice cream shop at the Seaport Historical Waterway Walk. go

We Go Up on Every Trip Down
You can see the entire island from the Gulfside to the Atlantic Ocean. go

Duval Street Tequila Bar
A must do for those inclined. go

Walking Distance to Key West Attractions
A vacation during an event in Key West makes it all even better. go

Historical Places
Each location has a marker clearly seen out front with details to read for a quick summary. go

Tip-to-Top Fine Resort
The location is about a mile northeast of the main Key West attraction zone. go


Mel Fisher Mojito

Counter Service

I love the Mel Fisher mojito with atocha gold rum! Here is some drinking history. The origins of the mojito go back to the 17th Century, when Hemingway and captain tony were crusading around the caribbean and their stock of whiskey ran dry. They drank whiskey with mint and a little sugar water. When they substituted rum for his whiskey and the mojito was born.

Jimmie N.