Ask what is hot at the shop and pay close attention the the daily Florida Keys Fishing Report

Fishing and Nature Sighting Trips
With all of the water around, you already know that this is one of the world's foremost ocean playgrounds. go

Eating mahi fish is a Vacation Pleasure
You can get warmed up by fishing off of one of the bridges, and of course there's the party boat fishing trips which are fine like the marathon lady about ten miles south. go

Out on a Key West Fishing Boat
Located in the city center harbor, just getting to the boat is a little mini adventure. go

Exciting Times Reeling in the Keys
This is one place so you definitely want to either take a charter or rent your own boat. go

Shallow Water Fishing in the Keys
The mighty bonefish is a big treat to catch, as small or large they really fight. go

Cheap Fishing Success in the Florida Keys
It is fun to fish off the Fantastic Bridges like the Seven Mile Bridge Marathon. go

Florida Keys Lobster Video
It is really fun and a lot more sporting than just looking around. go

Fish Bait
Right off the Overseas Highway is the main fishing bait shop of Islamorada. go


Fillet it Up

Smile While Burning Calories
Be sure to know the reef wave heights, so you can pick a low wave day to go. go

Swimming Hotels during the Winter Months
You will like the area and do bring your bicycles. go

Life is better with huge Sandwiches
It is in with the Tradewinds strip mall shops. go

Market Center at MM101
Shopping for neat goodies and bargains on the island is a charm. go

Train Ride Tour Attraction Stops
Here is one of the tour stops for the train (three total stops A-B-C). go

Buying Wine
You have to see how they make the wine here and they do it with out using grapes! go

Places to Go Bicycle Riding in Key West
The nature and scenery in Key West is something to behold. go


Eye on the Fishing Report

Fillet it Up

It's good you did not come up today, as the fishing report turned poor because of the winds. I decided to take Kitty back to the Key Largo vet at 5:00pm today. The medicine I gave him that was supposed to help his appetite did not work at all. I went back today because I was able to see a different Vet, and that's what I wanted to do because I am not happy with the Vet who has been seeing him in Marathon. Winds are going to slow this weekend for better fishing.

Debora E.