Being Outside on a Bike is the Way to Delve into each Island

Perfect Stop on the Way Down US1
This whole area is called the Villages of Islamorada, as it includes multiple islands and Lower Matecumbe. go

Play Park for Kids
Kayaks are here to rent, which is an exceptional thing to do in the marked mangrove trails. go

Long Key Beach and Picnic Park
Visitors come to this park on passing, as it is kind of out in the middle of nothing. go

Key Colony Beach is the Cutest Place
It has a lot going for it - all condos/homes are on canals with boat dockage, and the boat dockage is nice, not like that flim-flam dockage at Pines and Palms. go

Fun and Safe Bicycle Riding Areas
The trail vision and master plan is to create a trail hub that links all the many pathways of the Keys. go

Make Friends with a Turtle or Eel
By all means have your video camcorder ready to shoot! go

Walking the Dog in Islamorada
Look for it at mile marker 82.1 on the oceanside. go

Coastal Viewing on the Shoreline
It's very scenic and the snorkeling is good when the sun is high in the sky. go


Local Wildlife

Habanos Cuban Food Restaurant in Islamorada
Open Tuesday to Sunday, 11am to 10pm. go

Food that is Inspired for Creations
I like the mango tasting seafood sauces, which always have a little bit of pineapple included. go

Big Pool Supreme
The consensus was to rent bicycles or electric scooters and save money on your hotel bill. go

Vacations for Bicycles and Kayaks
You can just use the kayaks and the bicycles to have fun and the car stays parked shaded under your unit. go

Angelina Guesthouse at Angela Street
Rent bicycles to maximize transportation and sightseeing exploration. go

Yeah, it is time for Breakfast
Browsing the menu will reveal all sorts of deli sandwiches, veggie wraps, desserts, and pastries. go

Rent a Kayak in Islamorada
Get a localized map, provided at the counter so everyone knows the paths and waterways by the launch area. go

Dealing with Keys Life

Leave for two weeks and come home to summer showers and lightning storms. My electrical power is messed up, so I could not use the boat lift to get it out of the water properly. I went to Home Depot twice and asked a lot of questions to the electrical person at the Key West store, near kennedy boulevard. I got a plug voltage checker for five dollars, which helped a lot. I have that to help you too. I learned a lot with my online homework. Florida Travel Commander is your electrician! That is right, I will change your breaker! There is no personal risk, as long as I am not standing in water. Never be standing in water and do anything electrical. Trust me on that on.

Natasha N.

Those Darn Wasps

I will wear gloves next time, as some wasp or bee got me on the hand. My right hand is swollen up big, but it does not hurt or anything. Gloves next time trimming with the hedges in the Florida Keys.

Reginald T.