Here is a Big List of Things we liked most in Key West

The oldest days in Key West
If it's your first time to Key West, you may not understand or appreciate the history of this island. go

Daily Fun for All Ages
We saw a bunch of really great acts: tight rope walkers, cat jumping, escape artists, and lots of music. go

Scenic 1000 Atlantic Boulevard
Do check that out as well, an excellent Key West Historic Attraction. go

Glass Bottom Noon Eco-Reef Tour
Everyone will be spending plenty of time up there later in the evening, as this is where the sunset celebration occurs. go

Lots to See
Next to the museum is a small park, by the airport, for picnics with a view. go

What do locals love to do in Key West
The US1 mile marker zero sign is a fabulous local landmark, and we took photos too. go

Our picks for fun on the Island
Every day is an open invitation to a really good party spot, the Chill Zone. go

Key West Parachute Jump Spot
The Key West reefs cause all kinds of issues for our captains of large sailboats, they need depth. go


Destination Fun

Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail
We love the perimeter of the island and the A1A trail is something that we go on every day during our vacation. go

Getting Pumped for Key West Halloween Week
One of the very best times to visit the City of Key West is the week leading up to Fantasy Fest. go

Sailing is an option in the Keys
Surprise-Surprise! go

The hardest part is to figure out where you want to go and which day you want to go out. go

Affordable Downtown Efficiency Kitchenette
What a nice time we had at this cool little b&b. go

Getting to know the Island of Key West
It is huge and such a glimpse of history, but finding the Lighthouse is often a problem for visitors. go

Big Tastes on the Marina Waterfront
You have a super mix of waterfront bars and restaurants to choose from. go


Lower Keys Dog Care Service

Destination Fun

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Mae U.