Booking a unit with a kitchen makes it just like home

Love the Resort Tiki Hut by the Water
So interesting, wow this was a fun vacation. go

Rental Properties for Families
Being on a resort property means there is so much to do with any extra time on your schedule. go

Truman Annex Resort Hotel
We loved the scene and watching the sun set over water at the nightly celebrations. go

Special is the Oceanfront Pool
Inside the privacy of the property, you'll relax amid the peace and quiet of your oasis of oceanfront solitude. go

It is the Watersports World Hotel
We did it all since they have all the watersports amenities right here at the ocean front property. go

Winning Trips to Mile Marker Zero
The waterfront views are outstanding and they offer one of the very best swimming pools on the island. go

Happy Times with the good Location
Hotels within walking distance are so nice to rent. go

Poolside Happy Hour Celebration
Having the opportunity to stay at an upbeat and playful hotel made our vacation trip that much better. go


Awaiting Escape

Quick and Easy Old Town Market
It has it all: beer, food, snacks and more. go

Specializing in Reef Trips
What a cool adventure, it is a blessing to hit the water off the coast of Key Largo. go

Enjoying the Outdoors in Key West
We like the area over by the West Martello Tower, it is gorgeous. go

Gift Center of the Upper Keys
Everyone loves the shopping down here. go

Wet Slips
We came during the many lobster season so we could take advantage of the situation for underwater sport diving. go

Historic Garden Pathway at Simonton Court
I was told by a real estate agent that it is considered by city officials to be one of the most beautiful properties, and it is certainly a winner. go

Everyone will Love the Trip
Easy to do and all are relaxed but get a nice thrill at the very same time. go


Excellent Hotel Accommodations

Awaiting Escape

I would like to do a short review on some of the hotels we've got an opportunity to stay at. On our last trip it was the Chelsea Resort. Our trip was just terrific and it was enhanced by the excellent hotel accommodations. This property is very well maintain and they have all sorts of events and parties, just give them a reason! A year ago it was our opportunity to get a room at the Pegasus. Everything you need here in the cool part of the island, we loved the stay. The views over Main Street Key West just has to be the hotel's top feature. Completely remodeled and beautiful is the Silver Palms Inn. Refreshing, this is so upscale and has just the right kind of uplifting attitude. Nicely decorated, it was our cool pad for a week of Key West play! For those that want to be right in the madhouse, go with the Southern Cross Duval. What a fancy time we had here at the penthouse room, this was an amazing place to stay and play. Entertaining is each day, which start with a nice breakfast at the zillions of places within walking distance.

Reuben U.