Burn a bunch of calories before you start drinking cocktails

Key Largo Mangrove Trails
An excellent area because of the nature and water clarity. go

What is it like to vacation in Marathon Florida Keys
The modern boat ramp is just perfect and it is always exciting, even during the storms! go

Places for Florida Keys Scuba
It is an SPA, so no fishing here. go

Marathon Key Waterfront Park
It is easy for beginners as these are open kayaks without an enclosed deck, and they do not flip easy at all. go

Key West Public Free Snorkeling Spots
Stop by and check out one of the most underrated little parts of Key West. go

Overseas Highway Marina Docks
The watercraft options are plentiful, but the kayaks are the cheapest way to go. go

Excellent Snorkeling by the Rocks
It was a Union held military post built in 1845 to control the Port of Key West. go

Community Dog Walking Park
This is used mainly as a children's ball toss area and as a dog walking park. go


Park Rangers

Key West's Indoor Playgrounds
You can catch up on the sports scores and sip on a pitcher of cold Bud Light. go

Full Menu Breakfast to Dinner
If you are not coming down on your bicycles, you can take advantage of the free parking around the back side of the building. go

Southernmost Chinese
They make a really good garlic golf and chicken lo mein. go

Summerland Key Things to Do
I posted an excellent video, live music is part of the everyday experience. go

Very nice for Families or Couples
We liked it here plenty, give it a super-plus rating. go

Pick up your Circle Hooks
If you are going to do any fishing on your vacation there is a nice place to pickup your hooks and tackle. go

Sweet Spot around the Water
What an excellent area to get out and explore the water. go

Top Bicycle Riding Vacations

The Bicycle Loving team worked with City staff to develop a bike route sponsorship signage plan modeled after the Adopt a Median program. This is a project that speaks well about how a group of motivated citizens working with City staff can come up with an innovative, successful partnership that increases the quality of life for the citizens. The plan will provide the necessary funding to pay for the designation of more than 90 miles of interconnected bike routes. A few years ago City Council unanimously approved a Resolution establishing a fundraising tool to assist the Bicycle Loving advocacy group to develop a system of interconnecting bike and pedestrian routes throughout. Trails are for everyone to enjoy. The Department of Transportation will provide signage for the Overseas Highway Route as an in-kind contribution. The main sponsors of the program include the Chamber of Commerce and the County.

Donnell O.

Very Cool in every Way

Key colony beach kitty stayed out all night and he is out on the couch now. He loves this cooler, damp weather. He has been out there doing some hunting too. We are so happy with a vacation to the middle keys. The parks are so nice, like curry Hammock, Seven Mile Bridge, and the long bike pathway.

Mona C.