Call ahead and Then pick up your Food Order to Save Time

Yummy treats on Duval Street
I love the flavors, a truly authentic version of Italian gelato and sorbet. go

Upper Florida Keys Sushi Cafe
Sushi is all about getting access to the freshest raw fish and veggies. go

Good fun and HD TV Events
Live music is played nightly, just check the website for the schedule. go

Party Life is Cocktail Time
All the best bands play here, like the beloved MM24 Band. go

Brunch Cafe on a Marathon Florida Weekend
So much better than cooking at home. go

Speakeasy Inn Rum Bar
One of the places you need to stop when you're cruising down Duval Street is the Rum Bar. go

Big Fans of the Seafood Taco Salad
Is that so cool or what? go

Number One for Sunset Cocktails
Here is a place everyone raves over. go


Food Bling

Key Largo Dive Hotel
It is so nice to stay at the top of the Florida Keys. go

Travel by Air up in the Keys
See the Gulf of Mexico on one side of the island chain and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. go

Marathon Hotel hideaway next to Vaca Cut
It was a big pleasure to stay in the middle florida keys, we liked the cheaper hotel options. go

Mile Marker 5 Golf
Do play Key West Golf at least once, you have to be able to say that you played at the Southernmost Golf Course. go

Tropical Gifts
Get a fancy display or painting or go cheaper with a gorgeous flamingo pen, shell gifts, and colorful t-shirts. go

Sea and Dolphin Show
Since you are both inside and outside, select a time with the sun out, and not too hot. go

Lots to See in Truman Annex
Once again we took your advice, my biggest thanks for the Key West Vacation Information to the Shipyard Condos. go


Eat like a True Conch

Food Bling

I would like to do a review of the Alonzo's restaurant and bar. We went there on our second night and our sixth night because we loved it so much the first time. Oh how nice can seafood be prepared. Traditional dishes are so good with a lot of special flare using clams, mussels, oysters, lobster, and catch of the day fish! You my want to try the parmesan oysters or maybe the garlic oysters, if you want to eat like a true conch native. We like to drink beer and the perfect thing to go with it is the buffalo shrimp, made with the really hot pepper sauce and serve with blue cheese dressing. They have bahamian conch ceviche, which is really popular as the conch is marinated in with citrus, garlic, and island peppers. The menu is fantastic and you can get a really good beef tenderloin cobb salad, if you want to eat super healthy. I love a salad that has avocado, tomatoes, blue cheese, bacon, red onions, and really tender beef tenderloin steak. We love this place, and they have a happy hour!

Renato M.