Cool things like this are not an everyday find

Learning More of the Key West Bar Scene
Be sure to check online for the Event Schedule as the bar features all sorts of special events. go

NBC News TV Video Segment
Yes, you ride on is the African Queen, built in 1912. go

Paddle Islamorada Lagoon
I would vote to do them both, and Robbie's Marina is the spot. go

Island Vacations to Zip Code 33050
During the day, just pop right into the chamber at mile marker fifty-three to get hooked up. go

Great Times Out on the 6-Seater Rental
The zippy electric cars let you enjoy the sightseeing without the noise and having to worry about refueling gas. go

Fishing Value
I like the outdoor fun. go

Find your own Atocha Treasures
When you vacation down here to mile marker one, there is a Mel Fisher Museum that is a must do. go

Pie Shop
Better yet just stop over and buy some at the Key Lime Shop! go


Good for Fun

Value Rooms in the Florida Keys for Smiles
The hotel is clean and cozy, a fine value for the money. go

Jewfish Creek Bridge Fishing
This is the marina we use as home base to fun. go

Our Hotel was Excellent
We took our boat down with us (18 mako center console) and that was all you need here, since we did not want to go 30 miles out in the ocean. go

Restaurateur Uncovers European Neighborhood Bistro
Try to beat the very hip scene at Ilona's Restaurant and Bar, this spot has a smile on everyone. go

Condo Rentals in the Entertainment Zone
We wanted a good time with a bit of upgrade over the basic condos. go

Grouper Reuben Cooking Cafe
The favorite food stop on the way to Key West is the Fish Company. go

Go Shopping
This is one island that has very competitive retail shopping. go


Everyone loves the Six Toed Cats

Good for Fun

Kitty pooh juniors is my favorite six toed cat in the world. I could not get another kitty because he would be mad. My Mallory Square career takes a punishing blow. I need a papa dobles cocktail and Key Lime Pie slice!

Oswaldo F.