Divers often find small pieces of treasures

Boat Dockage at Fiesta Key Marina
You will need a good cast net to catch live bait and then fishing will be a breeze with the full bait well. go

Things are better around the Waterfront
I was never worried, but you do feel the electricity in everyone involved. go

Boater Hotel
This particular city of islands has four great bridges to make it really easy for the boater to deal with the wind and to make Fishing decisions based upon the tide and water movement. go

Ready for all the Watersports
Plan on seeing lots of fish, sharks, and even some sea turtles. go

Dove Creek Mangrove Trails
Once I jumped on a kayak and paddled around a bit, that was it and I was hooked. go

Florida Lobster Rules and Regulations
The commercial fishing industry works hard at it, just like you do a free dive with a lobster tickle stick! go

Seven Mile Bridge
Marathon is more like a group of islands, all of which offer fishing, diving, kayaking and more. go

What a Waterfront Treat for Children
Curry Hammock has a waterfront campground too, for a pure nature place to stay. go


Using the Waterway Charts

Help Center for Tropical Gifts
Do stop here, it is a favorite of ours. go

Designing Florida Beach Towels
We always take a towel for each person when we go to the beach and for tennis. go

Returning with Seafood Dinner
Fishing in out in the clear water of the Florida Keys is surreal in many respects. go

My Pick is the Ham and Cheese Croissant
Everything is made fresh early in the morning and that is part of why this bakery is so popular with locals. go

Coco Plum Dog Beach
Easily the best thing to do is going for a kayak paddle. go

Frozen Cocktails with a View
Made with fried dolphin topped with pickled red onions, cabbage, lime cream sauce and tomatilla sauce, served in warm flour tortillas with rice and black beans on the side. go

Great Bar under the Trees
Stop at the bar and have them whip up the best ever frozen strawberry daiquiris. go


Watersports are a Great Time

Using the Waterway Charts

If you want to try it all, we recommend the do it all Key West watersports adventure. Go with the challenging sports like knee boarding behind ski boats, cruising on waverunners and water skis. A boat or watersports day means frozen cocktails after to celebrate. The Reef Trips are just the best, plus a great ride on a big boat. Discover an action-packed day of Kayaking, windsurfing, and even kids Banana Boat Rides.

Gwendolyn B.