Do not miss the shoreline parks with lots of colorful little fish

Special Places to Swim Along the Shoreline
The Hampton Inn Beach Hotel at mile marker 80 is fantastic. go

Beautiful Park on the Ocean
The water is prime and the kids can play on the swings. go

Beach Park
Depending on the wind, pick the calmer side for kids to splash and play. go

Islamorada Public Beach Park
There is a watersports rental shop if you do not have snorkel gear, plus the kayaks are simple and fun to use. go

Frozen Drinks on the Beach
You know, where the kids can play, fish, and snorkel in the water. go

A Great Hotel Location for Islamorada Getaways
Summer vacation doesn't have to mean a long drive, since the Breezy Palms Hotel is at mile marker 80, just about 30 minutes down the Florida Keys! go

Inside is cool and outside is prime
Love the seafood, views, and the Tropical Rum Punch. go

Places to See on the Bike Trail
Wearing a big shade hat is a wise investment for your Florida Keys Vacations. go


Swimsuit Splash

Where to buy alcohol in Key West
Here is my shop to stock up on party supplies, tequila, and margarita mix. go

Must do Drinking Locations
It was nice to rent a condo two blocks up the road at the Shipyard Condos which is within the Truman Annex. go

Hit the Traffic Free Fishing Bridges
They will help you pick out the most appropriate bait to use for your target species. go

Renting a Bicycle is the way to Go
Just had to send this cool video in so you could post up for all to see. go

Green Monster Energy Drink T-shirts
The type of things you will find in here are so cool, and typically do not cost much. go

Get your Burning Papers here
See the cool video link we sent in for you to help the community. go

Open Daily Food Store
Our family likes to stop here for orange juice, the perfect breakfast drink for the islands. go


Great Beaches

Swimsuit Splash

There are three great beaches that most people might not know about down in Key West. We thought an amazing place to go is the Higgs Oceanside Pier. It is such a special part of town with the long pier, which provides really good views down the coastline. You are on the Marine Park, where Snorkeling right off the beach is excellent along the old wood structures. Higgs Beach near the middle of the island off atlantic avenue is this Public Beach Park. Very popular, it is one of the coolest parts of the city, just a bit west of the White Street Pier. For a local Thai beach, go to Louie's Beach. Most people do not realize how many beach zones we have in the Florida Keys. Most of them are small like the one here at the base of Louie's Backyard. Coconut Beach is not too far from the Southernmost Point is a waterfront area blocked by hotels to auto traffic. If you stay at the Coconut Beach Resort, you will know exactly where it is!

Leif P.