Do not miss the White Street Pier, Higgs Beach, Astro Park, and the Casa Marina Tiki Bar

Ask about the Feed Times
Everything is easy to explore and it is nice and close-up. go

Pick up a Dive Flag
Be safe in the sun and water, do things in pairs, keep to shallow water, and wear shoes or wet-wearables at all times. go

Most Popular Stops
Each presentation is all about the spectacular marine life and underwater world that surrounds the islands of the Florida Keys. go

Scenic locations on the Island
You will use the parks here on the island more than you would have anticipated. go

Free Children's Activities on the Island
It is very popular late in the day, when local residents are home from work and children are off from school. go

Eco-Discovery Center in Truman Annex
Keep a good idea on the schedule of events, as the public gets the opportunity to see the free environmental movie held here during the year. go

Ecological Park and Museum
Crane Point museum at mile marker 50 in Marathon is looking for volunteers. go

Explore more of the Scenic Water Spots
The walking path down to the dock is named as Captain Larry's Trail! go


Wildlife Viewing

Hotels to save money in Marathon Key
Marathon is a really nice island that is a lot bigger than even Key West. go

Locals go here for Lunch
Right behind the giant bass pro shop is this restaurant and marina area. go

Community of Vacation Rentals
Some key things to see are the charter boats at the marina, nine hole golf, the bicycle trails which go all over the island, and Sparky's Landing restaurant. go

What the Alcohol and Driving in Key West
Tons of booze gets sipped and guzzled down in this town (blame it on happy hours) and we are part of the problem! go

Get your Dance Groove On
The Smokin' Tuna Saloon has the coolest little tucked away location at 4 Charles Street Key West. go

Pirate Costumes
Get ready to see pirates and their treasures, wow they were rich! go

Book the Hotel
This could be a good winner to stay later for two-three or four nights. go

Bicycle Riding is Super

Thank goodness I got a new bicycle at Eaton Bikes. It is Verve 2. There is a Verve-1 which is cheaper. That one does not have the ability to move the handle bars. There is a Verve 3 as well. I'm not sure what that one has.

Amparo Q.

Places for Outdoor Exploration

Being located in the Florida Keys means you have arrive at the place for outdoor exploration. Many of the parks on the waterway system and you are never far from a beach location. Some of my favorites are picnic destinations like Higgs Park, Smathers Beach, and historic Zachary Taylor Beach Park. Many spots are just a place to splash around and stay wet. Do not miss the Southernmost Bocce Park too. We have plenty and you will find the best of island life at the parks.

Grover Z.

Quality Outdoor Time

We love the Florida Keys but not the big rains! This affects us that own hotels and our home properties. The soggy carpet piece was still wet this morning. I hung it on top of the pole out back so it would drip and dry. Hopefully you will get home before the afternoon rain storm hits again to move it inside. I am going to work on fixing the drainage problem and I have some ideas. The first being to make sure there are holes down in the black plastic sheeting to let the water drain down and not collect.

Alex E.