Do some fun on the really unique and cool beach cruisers

Marker 88 Restaurant and Beach Bar
This is a parents dream, as you sit right next to the beach in the patio. go

Beachside Barbecue and Picnic Park
This is a really excellent beach park, that also has a giant swimming pool that is open to the public with an entrance fee. go

A Great Hotel Location for Islamorada Getaways
You get it all: oceanfront, boat ramp, marina, and a nice swimming pool. go

Middle Florida Keys Beach Parks
Our condo rental was two blocks up West Ocean Drive, so we came out at least a couple of times a day. go

What is a nice Middle Florida Keys Beach
Just above Marathon Florida is a fantastic little beach park. go

Marathon's most scenic Waterfront Viewing Park
At the very far end of Sombrero Beach Road is the coolest little area for boat sightseeing at the waterfront. go

Beach Park
Bahia honda state park is one of the best in all of state of Florida. go

Fantastic Beach Play at the Cheeca
Call this one, upper affordable excellence! go


Bring a Big Umbrella

Silent World Scuba Dive Experts
What fun we had and could not have had a better boat captain. go

Old Town Patio Cafe
It takes just a few minutes to bike over from the Curry Mansion. go

Hotels to bring the Boat
It was a great pleasure to stay at one of the hotels that is just perfect for the boater. go

Parking locations for the Beach
This is a must see beach park. go

Playful Events in the Florida Keys
Our generations past have been here too. go

Ask the Florida Keys Experts here
Ask your questions here. go

Inn by the Seaport
This was the perfect solution for easy access to the downtown attractions, restaurants, bars, and live music. go

Fun Times on the Waterfront

You can come up this weekend or next weekend, whichever is better with sports games on and all. The Marathon beach sugar sand festival is two weekends. The weather this weekend is going to be sunny and eighty degrees. We can have a good time along the beach front.

Damon B.

Good Times Down by the Waterfront

You can get beach towels and beach chairs for the day. There are plenty of watersports to choose from, or you can just cool down in the shade. We like to get a spot by the Volleyball Courts, allowing the whole family to kick back and watch the action all day. Dip in and out of the ocean at Smathers Beach and they have rental toys. Smathers Beach is the best place for the summer vacation family day.

Rick O.