Doing the mangrove trails and playing on the shoreline is excellent

Boating at Mile Marker 80
You have to be flexible here to use the wind correctly and that means moving around as the weather and fish biting dictate. go

Is it ok Children and Barracuda
Luckily, they do not tend to bite people but if you stick your fingers out? go

Try the Oceanwater Water Toys
You won't be disappointed. go

Guided Kayak Nature Tours in Islamorada
You can get so much closer to the nature and just wave at the boats much further offshore! go

Mahi is the Cafe Queen
For pick up, delivery or come dine inside. go

Things are better around the Waterfront
This is one to do and the boat ride alone is just amazing. go

Kayaking Spots in Marathon Florida Keys
Our family loves this beach park for snorkeling or swimming (this is what we live and visit here for!). go

Happy Times Boater Bar
This is the number one bar in town for the tiki bar pleasures and the bar side swimming pool. go


Grand Voyage

Things You Never Knew About Commercial Diving
You can learn a whole bunch about those who lived and died chasing their dream. go

European Village Bakery Cafe
The espresso is great for a pick-me-up late in the afternoon. go

Community Parks on the Island
Go slowly down the boardwalk to see the critters. go

Vacations to Florida's Bar Headquarters
The tour is a really good selling feature. go

Marine Life aplenty at the Fish Cleaning Station
You are not half way to Key West yet, but it was time to have some fun and let everyone get out of the car. go

Targeting the Mahi and Yellowtail Snapper
One would be hard pressed to find a better place to start out your fishing day. go

Vacation Sightseeing in Monroe County FL
Thanks so much to the mighty folks that were there to help our way to a better Florida Keys Vacation Experience. go


Experience with Boating

Grand Voyage

We've gotten a lot more experience with boating, after vacationing down here in the Florida Keys for so many years. I think the Party Fishing boats are the best deal going. They have a party fishing boat in all the big cities in the Florida Keys, and it's cheap. We typically will catch maybe ten small ones, and maybe one big one. It can be less or could be more fish depending on the season and how lucky you get. I noticed a lot of restaurants don't really tell you about their cooking methodologies. I know it's important to get seafood cooked to at least two hundred degrees, but I make sure mine is way hotter than that. If you're not sure if your fish is done, stick it in the microwave for a minute or two and that will get it going. I really don't see how it affects the taste that much, whether it's cooked more thoroughly or cooked less thoroughly.

Tracy S.