Down here the dress code is sexy

Sunshine and Shells Shop
My family wants gifts, but I would rather buy just for myself. go

Flea Market
Most of the fresh vegetables and fruits come from Homestead or Florida City, which is near the everglades and gets mega rain. go

Fish Tales Told Here
Just tell them what you want like the pink peel and eat shrimp or the oysters on the Half Shell. go

Competition is a Good Thing
There is another entrance on that side of the building as well. go

Upper Keys Book Store
Having a little more knowledge really helps you when you arrive, as the book was like doing some fun homework! go

Nautical Gifts with Flare
Certainly worth the time to stop by on your way to Key West. go

Directions to Shell World
If you see the new Travel Channel video of Samantha Brown's visit to the Florida Keys, Shell World is right at the beginning. go

Lots of Unique Stuff
For the beach go with shorts over the bikini, a Cropped Top, Big Hat, and Beach Wet Shoes. go


Wearables and Gifts

Super Dinner Night Out
Island eating means ordering the dock fresh grilled swordfish with grilled asparagus. go

Getting boat emergency help on the Water
Way back when (1824) the first permanent station in Key West was formed. go

Lots to see and do in Tavernier Florida Keys
Heading south is Snake Creek at MM86. go

Where to keep our boat in Islamorada
What a great area to make as your home base for your Florida Keys boat trips. go

Italian Pizza
Get a whole pizza cooked to order or get a slice from the just out of the oven ready. go

Video Capture Techniques for Youtube
Thank goodness I had my sony hd video camcorder with me. go

Inside the Walking Tour
This is a fantastic historical landmark and we feel like we now know it so well, a great tour it was. go


Picking out the Perfect Vacation

Wearables and Gifts

Stuart and I went to Key West today. This is a picture from Ocean Avenue South. These people are riding in a horse drawn carriage to a wedding at the beach. We walked down 5th Avenue South where all the fancy shops, restaurants, and art galleries are. Key West is absolutely gorgeous. We rode the bikes through some of the neighborhoods. The neighborhoods are lovely and filled with beautiful tropical foliage. If you would like to visit Key West sometime, just let me know and I will be happy to go with you. I would very much like to go back again sometime and take a vacation there. It is such a nice place to visit. It is very tourist-friendly too.

Tyree V.