Each time we have been there has been a good group playing the kind of tunes to get you grooving

Kids Playground
The location is about 3 miles north of Sadowski Causeway, the entrance to Key Colony Beach in the beginning of the main island of Marathon. go

Halfway to Key West
During the day, just pop right into the chamber at mile marker fifty-three to get hooked up. go

Open Air Style
It is easy to rave over super seafood dishes like their blackened mahi fish salad. go

Paddle Islamorada Lagoon
There are plenty of charter companies if you want to spend a day at sea fishing or exploring the keys on a kayak. go

Very Boater Friendly Hotel MM80
So fun! go

Top Ten Marathon Restaurant
The spacious open-air seating is a big part of the charm. go

Find your own Atocha Treasures
The entire TV show was amazing and focused on the team's finding and recovering artifacts of the Atocha Shipwreck. go

Simonton Street Groove Lounge
Locals hit this lounge and are a hoot to party with. go


In the Area

Buying Wine
It fits the area perfectly and has so much to offer, a super spot for gifts. go

Quick Stop for Food
We always forget something like tooth paste and bottled water is just the right size for the bicycle bottle holder. go

Shopping Spots we loved in Key Largo
You will like the variety and great tastes, plus no preservatives, which is a big deal to me. go

Going Out for a Fishing Voyage
Make sure to take plenty of pictures of all aspects of the trip. go

Pink Shrimp Patio Bar
Super good is a night out eating in this fun city. go

Monthly Wet or Dry Boat Slips
The location is absolutely perfect, as you can go quick to the backcountry or head oceanside. go

Fitness Activities in the Florida Keys
Keep your fitness routines going using all of the area's local parks. go

Florida Keys Roofing Company

All of the various Florida Keys roofing companies love the big storms. The rain came barreling through all of Florida yesterday and that is the perfect test for the roof leak fix. You may not have remembered to look since you get home when things are getting dark. This is a reminder to watch it carefully during the next rain storm. Putting paper towels down is good for finding really small leaks. If any leaks happen, lets get it fixed now before the hot rainy season. The beautiful patio carpet will be so happy! Just following up on my work, as my work is one-hundred percent guaranteed. No cost follow up maintenance when using the Florida Keys roofing company!

Rafael T.

The Highlights

Yes Florida Travel Commander, that makes sense. I will do that. Thanks, it makes a lot of sense that is more fun to do things on the bicycle. Everybody loves a town where you can leave the car sitting at the hotel and just cruise around on your preferred method of transportation, which can include electric vehicles. Don't forget to take the wonderful Pedicab ride, the bicycle taxi. That is an amazing thing and will be one of the highlights of your vacation trip down to the southernmost islands. I have to say that Fort Taylor Beach Park is my hands-down winner for the best place to go.

Bonnie V.