Everyday it is a pleasure to take the scenic bike ride

Love the Florida Keys Snorkel Trips
Each day you want to plan one of the major events to do out on the water. go

Wheels make it Happen for Fun
It is good to go and learn early on your trip, the knowledge makes everything better. go

Riding Bikes in Key West
It only takes five or 10 minutes to get here from anywhere else on the island of Key West. go

Take a Reef Boat
The snorkel trips are best with a nice calm and sunny day! go

Proven Winners for Cat Training
Plus, every night is different as the audience play a huge part in the performances. go

One Fine Beer Bar
Signs help you find it the first time. go

Shopping Favorites
It is kind of like a mini-mall, with two stories of things to see. go

Boat Cruise to the Florida Keys Docks
I had no idea this island was so loaded with attractions. go


For a Fun Day

Just the Very Best Side of Town
If you have children, younger kids love this place. go

Mile Marker 99 Beer and Fuel Stop
It was so nice to stay right across the street from the Hess Express, at the Bayside Inn. go

I now recommend Wet Wearable Sandals and Boat Shoes. go

It was nice having the Poolside Adirondack Chairs
They have a nice breakfast each morning, that will save you some cash. go

TMZ Headquarters Key West
The staff gets involved, as they sing, tell jokes, and dance their way along. go

Big Thumbs up to the Gang
What a nice mix for a primetime raw bar, seafood and a lively atmosphere. go

Vacations for Bicycles and Kayaks
Just up from the hotel is a super ride to Key Colony Beach, with some nice family friendly bars. go


Loaded with Fun Stuff to Do

For a Fun Day

The islands are loaded with fun stuff to do. Personally, the coolest attractions are nature oriented and somewhere around, under, or fishing in the water. Options are incredible for the art scene, watersports, outdoor parks and musicians jamming to the tunes. We have mega art galleries and my favorite is the Gallery on Greene. The Party Fishing boat Tortuga is a blast, and then take your catch to Turtle Kraals to cook. Thanks for the add website option. We love to spread the word about the Keys.

Allison V.