Everything about having Fun in Key West

Playful Cocktail Drink Locations
Locals call this Bight Marina, which is very famous for hosting Turtle Kraals, Half Shell, and the Schooner Wharf Bars. go

Historic Landmarks of Key West
City officials got together, and now they say try to take that! go

Wow it is Big Boat Paradise
What a fun mix of local nature, watersports, cruise-ships, which are surrounded by waterfront shopping and restaurants. go

Take notes during the Ride
Everyone enjoys the trolley ride, this is one of the most popular and highly rated things to do in Key West. go

Family Spots to see in Old Town Key West
The Key West reefs cause all kinds of issues for our captains of large sailboats, they need depth. go

Watersports Boat
You get to buzz around up high on the giant ship with plenty of tunes, cocktails, and smiles! go

Our picks for fun on the Island
Things really start to go full blast after around 3pm. go

What to Expect at Hemingway Museum
What a great tour, just take your time and soak it all in. go


Travel Guidebook

Flea Market
Most of the fresh vegetables and fruits come from Homestead or Florida City, which is near the everglades and gets mega rain. go

Lower Florida Keys Marina Bar
The Fried yellowtail snapper fish fingers with the dip of a lifetime are my pick. go

Unique Shops and Stores are great in this town
We only get hotels that at least have a refrigerator in them so we can keep things cold. go

Cold Beer and Giant Soft Pretzels
Thing could not be more fun at this zany restaurant and music bar. go

Doing Key West without the Car
Vacations are so much better in Key West without a car, which is one great reason the island's airport is always busy. go

Add to your Nightlife Itinerary
This place is famous for putting on fabulous and zany performances for generations. go

Five Dollars buys you a Gift
I have noticed that there are a lot more gift shops on this side of the island, where the cruise ships dock. go

Your Guide to Local Events

Before your trip to the islands, it is really neat to get current on the local keys events and community happenings. This will get you in a festive atmosphere and ready for the watersports, food, drinks, and play! Do a little homework before your trip to not miss a thing. There are all kinds of neat things around the islands.

Emile I.

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Miguel M.