Extra special are the paddling trips

Happy Times Boater Bar
Pull right up and there is a lot of room for a lot of boats on the end and down the docks towards the restaurant. go

Daily Scuba Trip School
They offer scuba school with certifications granted as well as refresher courses if it has been a while. go

Remember to get the Discount Coupon
Going out on this fine voyage is about as good as it gets. go

Reggae Music Sunset Sail
They treat you like gold and make sure you have the best time possible. go

Sexy Bikini Girls in Key West
It is the perfect spot as the water is typically calm and you are in the safety area of the Key West Marine Park. go

Daily Marathon Snorkel Boat
If you are not snorkeling, then you should be mapping your gps coordinates for the secret fishing spots like the Marathon humps. go

Florida Keys Party Fishing Boat
What a hoot of a time we had fishing on this giant party boat. go

Seven Mile Bridge
(Answer) This is a sure fire winner of an area for all sorts of boating and watersports activities. go


Touring the Channels

Art Gallery in Key West
Picking out something really special is part of the fun. go

Pitstops for Shopping
Get all the zany things here, plenty to put on a smile. go

FL Keys Things to do with Children
It was opened in the 1980's to help repair injured sea turtles, with a goal of returning them to the ocean. go

Spaghetti Special is a Yummy
This is one place you have to stop and enjoy. go

The Best Times are on the Waterfront
Offer $50 for midweek stay. go

Florida Saltwater Fishing Rules
Once again, the government picks and chooses who gets the special exemptions, making a simple thing like fishing so complicated. go

Blimp Road Boat Ramp Park
You will see plenty of sharks running around and that is part of a sunny day experience. go


What a Fun Water Vacation

Touring the Channels

You can boat and do all the watersports, plus it is pet friendly! Cat are good on the road if you do it right. From the pros start young: kittens usually adjust to new experiences and surroundings more easily than adult or senior cats. Start the travel-training process as early as possible. If your cat is past kittenhood, don't worry: adult and senior cats can still learn to tolerate car rides. Yeah Florida Travel Commander, kitty helper, but it might not work as the owner will overrule me.

Columbus T.