Ideas for Family Activities in the City of Key West

Great Detail on Historic Key West
If you are a history buff it may take you longer, but it seems the normal Key West tourist takes about 60 minutes to tour the attraction. go

Wow it is Big Boat Paradise
What a fun mix of local nature, watersports, cruise-ships, which are surrounded by waterfront shopping and restaurants. go

Unique Things to Do
This island is special as every single block has something fun to do. go

Sweet Spot around the Water
The beach itself does not typically get overcrowded and there is plenty of room for your towel and chairs. go

Easy Key West Learning Guide
What a fun tour. go

Cityview Trolly Tour Rides
Make sure to check for ticket discounts for all the attractions. go

Legendary Navigational Landmarks for the Sea Captains
Its objective was simple, be an easy to see navigational guide for captains to make directional coordinates from. go

What to Expect at Hemingway Museum
Key West has really taken off and it's historical focus. go


Sleep at Disney

Key West Photography Studio
It's about capturing a moment, that you will treasure forever. go

Travel the Island on a Scooter
This is a great place to lock your bike and have a drink by the beach. go

Have a Floating Celebration and Party
Just try to find a better place for a scenic floating party. go

Fantasy Fest Mask Headquarters
Everyone I take in here just raves over this place. go

Key West has the Coolest Bread Shop
Tasty beyond my expectations are the Peach Cobbler Danish Pastries. go

Michael McCloud is a regular at Schooner Wharf Bar
We saw the east Street Band member named Clarence Clemons (the sax guy) that played live with the Raven Cooper Quartet. go

Coconut Cabana off Duval
The hotel phone is 305-294-9977. go


Bicycle Friendly Vacation Location

Sleep at Disney

A pleasure it is to go to a bicycle friendly vacation location. Keep me out of the car. A Florida study concluded that for every hour you spend in a car, your life expectancy is decreased by 20-minutes due to the risks of fatal car crashes. A sedentary lifestyle and obesity are two of the biggest factors leading to disease and increased health care costs. Everytime you start up the car it costs cash, plus fees from parking and car washes. The environmental and social losses are incredibly extreme. Good bikes, are not sold in k-mart, especially the electric and cargo bikes that range between three hundred and three thousand. Cars are a factor in global climate change, so get on the bike people!

Freida H.