Finding a good place for dinner is so easy

We Just go Crazy for Sweet Treats
The shop is right in the middle of the action and you will need something pleasant to keep you going. go

Here you can get Spaghetti and Meatballs
I would try dining here and Nine One Five Bistro, Old Town Mexican Cafe, and Mrs Macs Kitchen for some yummy treats that are a bit different that the traditional grilled shrimp. go

Love the Nightly Drink Specials
Casual sure works in the Florida Keys, is there any other way to tour the islands. go

The Waterfront Views
This is the best seat in town for Key West's famed sunset celebrations. go

Drink Specials Make Key West Shine
I am now a big fan of the boneless wing salad, meatball sandwich, and the fried shrimp basket. go

Restaurants on the Florida Keys Top-20 List
Could be voted as one of the best on the island. go

Start with a Double Tequila Shot
If you are not coming down on your bicycles, you can take advantage of the free parking around the back side of the building. go

Delicious on your Mind
This is our new favorite spot for outdoor dining the Florida Keys, try to find a nicer place. go


Couple of Eating Places

Mile Marker Zero Vacations without a Car
They have different rooms you can choose from. go

Key West Beach Hotel
So cool is unabashed toes in the sand adult fun there's a lot to love about this iconic island hotel. go

Old Town Gift Shop
We do the parks and watersports during the daylight hours, saving the evenings for cocktails and shopping. go

Touring the Florida Keys Reefs
They have it all for you on board, restrooms, food, drinks, and everything for your safety. go

Planning Your Key West Vacation
We spend most of our days on the boat, kayaks, and beaches, therefore there is no shortage of water views during the day. go

Buying a cold beer could be no easier
This is where we like to get our morning coffee before our bike or boat rides. go

Endless Amenities and Inviting Views
I really like the location, kind of right on the edge of the main action. go

Unique Cafes are a Treat

The views from the La Concha downtown are just superb, making it perfect for sunsets at the Rooftop Bar. Eating at the unique cafes around the islands is a treat. Known for its great party atmosphere and service, this is a award winning formula for Key West weekends. They serve a super lobster pasta with shrimp sauteed with fresh mushrooms, herbs, brandy, cream sauce, with linguine pasta. Anything with Florida Keys shrimp is always a good choice.

Owen F.

For Eating

Being prepared for eating at the hotel is important even if you are staying at the Casa Marina. Yeah Florida Keys blue Fin tuna cakes are so yummy, which will drive the big pine kitty crazy when cooking! I am going to stop at the fresh vegetable marketplace nearby the Walmart on my trip end. Tuna cakes are great to dip in that fancy hot wing sauce you have, which my local Miami Walmart does not have! I got all the things for the key lime birthday pie, which I will make when I arrive to be super-sure fresh. A little flour and eggs will be all I should need. I got the nellie joes key lime juice today for under three bucks. It is always five or six dollars in the Florida Keys at the shops.

Dana Y.