Fun for the whole family rain or shine

Touring your way down to the Middle Keys
There is a nice parking lot at the bridge base. go

The beaches are very clean
The scene here is very laid back. go

Waterfront Walkway Park
Locals call this Bight Marina, which is very famous for hosting Turtle Kraals, Half Shell, and the Schooner Wharf Bars. go

What to Do First in Key West
Once you see and learn about this kind of information, your Key West experience will become that much better. go

What to Expect at Hemingway Museum
I do like the narration provided by the tour guides. go

Clean Beaches are so Nice
You are on the Marine Park, where snorkeling right off the beach is excellent along the old wood structures. go

Our picks for fun on the Island
This poolside bar is one of the finest establishments in town. go

Lunch on Duval without Beer
This is one of the neatest bar-restaurant combinations on the island, it is always jumping. go


Day Trip Locations

Best Place to get some Pizza
They specialize in pizzas and panini, and make all sorts of interesting recipes. go

Middle Keys Bait and Fishing Stores
We are going for lobster. go

Heading down the Florida Keys Highway
We are planning now for our next trip during the Hemingway Days Celebration. go

They will cook your Yellowtail Snapper
First hit the hotel pool and then get all clean up and then head to the restaurant. go

Pitstops for Energy on your busy day
I love the flavors, a truly authentic version of Italian gelato and sorbet. go

Brew House Coffee Shop
The Key Colony Beach community is all about walking. go

Daily Trips to the Reefs and Wrecks
Yes, typically under 20 feet. go


Key West loves the Catman

Day Trip Locations

We so much want to bring the cat to the Florida Keys. It is not good. Kitty has to stay in the carrier. If he is out of the carrier, I could get a ticket, or we could get in an accident. Kitty stays in the carrier and Kitty stays here. No travel. You come up here and see Kitty please. Cats do not like to travel. They are very territorial and they like everything to stay the same from day-to-day. Kitty is not coming to visit Catman Mallory Square.

Jermaine F.