Get a picture at this once in a lifetime sight

Historic Garden Pathway at Simonton Court
Wow, did we love the vibe here. go

Finding the Shipwreck Treasures
You can even buy your own actual silver coins. go

Scenic Spots to Explore
Swim on this side or go over to Sandspur Beach located on the atlantic ocean side of the park. go

Support Reef Relief Programs
If you stop and rent a water toy here you also want to bring a plastic bag with you so you can fill it up with anything that doesn't belong in the water during your trip. go

Sightseeing made easy for Visitors
You will not find a better place to take your camera or video camcorder and create a message to tell the world. go

Historic Sightseeing along the Seaport
He devoted his life to aiding and providing employment for its people for over 50 years. go

Stop 13 Hurricane Houses
Some of the better history of the Island can be found as you follow the Islamorada Historical Heritage Monument Trail. go

Keep Your Camera Ready for the Shot
You can expect surprises in the Keys, similar to a day at Disney. go


Enriching Travel Experiences

Parks to enjoy around the Island
Plan on seeing all kinds of neat little parts of the islands, like Local's Park Key West. go

Yummy Seats on Duval
We think it is one of the best spots for a quick lunch or dinner in town. go

All about the Water Sports
Kayaks are also better with lighter winds, so keep that in mind for picking your days out on the water. go

Nicest B&B for Couples
I looked on the mile marker map of the city and this is about one and a half. go

Upper Keys Restaurants
Good traditions on this island. go

Old Style Cottage Suite Rental
Bad Boy Burrito is close by and you can take the bikes to Smathers for a picnic. go

A New Fishing Tradition is Born
Go on the right day and they rock! go


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Enriching Travel Experiences

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