Go fishing or do boat guided bar stopping

Keepers off the Shore
The key to shoreline fishing is to enjoy the views! go

Family Fishing Fun on Key Largo Vacation
Pick up some frozen bait at Publix or Key Largo Fisheries. go

Out on a Key West Fishing Boat
From the docks there's easy open water access to the bay and the ocean. go

Go on a Backcountry Fishing Boat
Fishing charters provide the best of all adventures, as you get an ocean voyage, learn about big fishing boats, engage with a local captain, and even later eat your catch! go

Live Crab is good for Bridge Fishing
There is a nice parking area for people to get out and check out the views, and lots of people go fishing off the bridge. go

Gear Store for the Fishing Trips
You do not have to go on an expensive boat trip to catch fish. go

Jewfish Hole Bait and Tackle
Fiesta Key is the island on your water way map, and you can dock right up by boat. go

Tarpon are the Top Prize
A medium spinning rod and 250 yards of 20-pound test is a good rig. go


Places to go Fishing

D-Hooker Fish Cafe
This town is crazy about seafood, fishing, sports, and beer. go

Weekly Vacation Home Rentals
I like being in a good zone, and you will have a better time. go

Motorcycle Driving
Safe driving is a cause that we support in many ways. go

Winners for the Conch Fritter Recipe
It is the perfect spot to eat like the old days. go

Key Tree Cactus Preserve
Stop by, it is right off the bicycle pathway. go

Johnson's Classic Grocery Market
It has it all: beer, food, snacks and more. go

Key West Nightlife
The people here are so fun and know how to have an extra good time. go

Natural Bait is Best

Would you go with artificial bait or natural bait for South Florida fishing? We are heading out for a weekend of fishing down in the lower keys next weekend. We plan to fish during the day and hitting Duval for nighttime fun. While we do watch the Florida fishing reports, we are new to the fishing around Key West and want to know which way to go: artificial bait or natural bait? The fishing and boating in the lower keys is just the best vacation and boating experience in Florida. The answer is simple. If you have the skill and ability to get at natural bait, go for it. Natural bait is best if you can keep it alive and hook it correctly to keep it alive. When you catch natural bait and use it in the same environment, the number of fish landed goes up as compared to artificial bait. Go with finger mullet, shrimp, pinfish, squid, and pinfish to catch the widest variety of editable fish in the lower keys.

Mervin V.

Prime time Fishing Opportunities

We have to rave over the prime fishing opportunities. Great fishing charters are run by hooked-up, out of Charterboat Row. Go out for some fun, as this area offers the finest fishing in the Florida Keys. Fishing out On a Boat is the coolest of the nature sports.

Ahmad C.

Fishing is Good

Fishing is good, and we are glad to fit it in before the Fantasy Fest pleasures. You are funny, but no I am not twitter following anyone named naked-lady-in-big-pine-key! I am planning a big pine kitty attack with my costume on. He will freak out! Kitty chase by halloween Florida Travel Commander. Are we allowed to chase the key deer with halloween suits on? Please start collecting candy from the nice folks who have candy bowls out at work! Remember to go here tiotibodypainting.com for all Body Painting needs.

Doretha N.