Good for nice or Nicely Cheap Florida Keys Gift Shopping

Colorful Gifts of the Florida Keys
You will find the velour beach towels hold up the longest. go

Market Center at MM101
You will find a large assortment of Florida Keys stuff. go

Downtown Boat Supply Shop
The Old Town West Marine is nicely located for those using any of the boat port around Old Town Key West. go

Deals a plenty 7-days a week
Use all of your really good weather for outdoor pleasures (snorkel trips, tour train rides, bicycle exportation) and do all of your gift shopping during poor conditions (when you are mostly inside). go

Coolest Key West T-Shirts
You've probably seen plenty of t-shirts with the Hogs Breath emblazoned on the front and back. go

Island Style Doodads and Trinkets on Sale
Look for it at the lower end of Duval Street, close to Mallory Square. go

Island Wearables That Ladies Rave Over
What a beautiful property for a store front. go

Home Improvements that are great for Florida
People watch him work and he takes questions and chats with you while still working his craft. go


Keepsake Shopping

Very fine seafood and wine menu
You will like the vibe and what a sweet dock area at the Mile Marker 88 Restaurant. go

Boating Marina
This is the place to go for some bar friendly boat parking in Key West! go

Using the Boat in Marathon
This is a bicycling island and we always used the bikes from the hotel to get to the local attractions. go

Secret Boating Locations
Most people use two people to get the boat trailer back to the hotel parking lot. go

Party Time 7 Nights a Week
This is one of my favorites as I love to sit outside. go

Up-Up and Above Middle Keys Marina
The area has one of the largest sailboat mooring fields you will find on the islands. go

Lobster Kits
The lobster assassination kits give you the edge to increase your catch ratio. go


Home Owner Gifts for Cleanliness

Keepsake Shopping

Sure enough the 4pm Florida Keys rain came today to soak water on the plant soil, so all the yard should continue to improve. I wanted to point out the pressure washer things. Trust me, a few things can keep this baby running for along time hopefully. After using, the water gets turned off first, then the power. Easy, water off then the unit gets turned off. Important next is to: release the water pressure by disconnecting the hose from the house faucet. Release the pressure right away at the hose beginning, not at the water connection to the pressure washer itself. Every Florida Keys resident needs to have a good working pressure washer which they sell at the Home Depot for cheap. I think because I did not do this in the past, perhaps it broke because of not. Oh well, never mind. I can show you next time at the southernmost home owners meeting.

Gail N.