Great for kids, adults, and aspiring artists to get cracking on something fun

Six-person Electric Cars are a Pleasure
This was the best time ever, so we are getting the multi-day package on the next trip. go

Learn to Dive at the Reefs
It was time for me to get my Open Water Certification. go

Visiting Mangrove Island
Get info on the charter boats, show times, restaurant recommendations, marathon maps, and sunset suggestions. go

Key West Photography Studio
If you are like most of us, the results are so much better using a professional. go

Thank you for the Answers
They know everything about the island or at least heck of a lot more than you know. go

Our Top picks for Celebrations
Bradd Shadduck plays here and is a super live music show. go

Love the super shady kayak launch location
QUESTION: Where to go kayaking in Key Largo? go

Finding more of Key West Secrets
This is the east entrance to this City of Key West nature park. go


City Journey

Eating Outside
Yummy are the spinach and goat cheese hot panini sandwiches. go

Something Cool and Tasty
If you get your treat in a bowl, ask for a lid so you can put any extra in the hotel freezer to eat later. go

Home Fixing Store
This general store features everything you think of: hardware, housewares, lights, ovens, and kitchen supplies. go

Downtown Marathon Hot Dog Shop
What a really good place for hotdogs, and the one I got was so tasty. go

Key Largo Hotels with Kayaks and Refrigerators
We really like the area here, as you can hit all three town centers so quickly: Tavernier, Key Largo, and Islamorada. go

Try all the Various Tacos
They make the special salsas, secret sauces and homemade chips from scratch. go

When is the Mini Lobster Season
The mini florida keys lobster season is always held on the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday of July each year. go

Lots of Entertainment with Cats

Thanks for the meow message. Cats are a big deal on vacation to the Florida Keys. Kitty will get a make-up-day for your leaving for thanksgiving vacation next Friday, when I visit. That is a make up day, for one that you were gone. Sure glad that catman-kitty made it through your vacation trip successful. He will want to go out to see his friend Bull-Cat. Cats love living in Key West.

Stanley Z.

Bicycle Riding with Lights

If you would like me to pickup a front and rear light kit, it is no problem. Eaton Bikes is a good place. I could install them for you too. The LED light packages are about $30, or maybe less, the last time I looked. I am not sure of the price, but it is for sure in this range. I can do that for you and would be glad to do it.

Mike O.

Gearing up for the Holidays

Tell the kitty he can stay home and play with Molly for Christmas, as the mice poison worked. It probably died on Saturday, as there was no more bait eating after Sunday. However, then today it started to stink in the garage by the washer and dryer. I took a flashlight and found a whole into the wall structure behind the washer. That was easy to cover with a flat board, so it appeared that was the problem. The mouse got in through this hole. Yikkes. The stink continued, so I just found the dead rat behind the dryer. It is over. Catman Kitty can stay home for Christmas.

Clemente U.

Being Spontaneous is Fun-to-Do

Life is crazy here just before these yearly summer season storms. All I know to do is quickly pack and be ready to go. However, the go is the problem with the US-1 Road and Bridges, traffic can be crazy. I will call for help tomorrow if needed. Plus it is critical for me to pack the kitty too. He will help with entertainment over the four or five days without power when we get back home too. Yes, it will be a kitty tooting escape and returning rescue mission. It is worth it to live here, and I appreciate it. I can let you know tomorrow how it goes. Right now we are on one hour standby. As soon as the predictions turn negative, within an hour, the kitty are on the road. Maybe the locals will be too scared and the traffic will be fine, since everyone is in so much danger. But, I am smiling wide with beer in hand, just in One Hour Standby Mode.

Diane F.

Vacation Down to Mile Marker Zero

The two or three days before a tropical storm arriving is one of the best times to take a vacation down to mile marker zero. The town thins out quite a bit, and of course the prices on Condo Rentals drops to the floor. People are a little scared to rent for the week, thinking that most of it would be ruined by all the rain. Sure, some of the water sports activities will be curtailed during this period. However, the vibe just changes with the crazy goings on because of the weather and wind. You have to have your wet shoes on and a nice raincoat to wear, as you are still going to be cruising around and go bar to bar. The live music and restaurant scene never goes down in Key West.

Corine A.