Having a super waterfront view from your hotel is a big plus

Curry Hammock State Park Beach
Just above Marathon Florida is a fantastic little beach park. go

Family Swim Park
We always have a great time at this beautiful and quiet kid friendly beach park. go

Main Beach Bahia Honda
About one hundred yards away is the alternative atlantic ocean side shoreline. go

Middle Florida Keys Beach Parks
Our condo rental was two blocks up West Ocean Drive, so we came out at least a couple of times a day. go

Make it a Beach Vacation for sure
There is a lagoon area stocked with fish and you can snorkel. go

Where to hit the beach in Key West
Very popular, it is one of the coolest parts of the city, just a bit west of the White Street Pier. go

Hidden Beach Spots
The locals in the area take advantage of this location, just so scenic and refreshing. go

Shipwreck Cannons
The kids where thrilled with the nature theater and the pathway walks. go


Beach Swim

Beautiful tropical landscaped Hotel
We had no idea that could ride your bicycles down the overseas Highway to the seven mile Bridge Park in about ten minutes. go

Dockmaster Key West
A lot of people come to the island in ships and sailboats, anchoring here at the seaport docks. go

Island Trolley Tour
The bus trip is wonderful, with a fun and creative travel experience. go

We Caught about 8 Pounds
Just coming in and out of the Port of Key West is a dream thing to do. go

Lovely Beach Area
You can reach this tropical oasis by driving, biking, or walking through the Truman Annex on southard street. go

Hyatt Docks
A little research can mean some really good hotel rates. go

Where to grab a beer by Mallory Square
All offer lower prices as compared to local competition. go

Quality time on the Shoreline

I solved my Smathers Beach reading a digital device in the sun problem. The new products work so much better in full sun. I can download a pdf copy of the scuba diving course, so that's what I did. I downloaded it and emailed to myself. Now I can access the course from my phone or kindle fire. I still have to answer the test questions from my computer at home, but I can read the course anywhere, like at Smather's Beach. Yeah to more quality learning and sightseeing combo!

Simone S.

Southernmost Bikini Locations

Boxing is beach day prep, plus fun and they have class at the southernmost gym, and I love it. I don't like wimpy kickboxing classes, but I enjoy this. Have to be careful with the back on most anything, but as long as I'm not stupid, it's bearable. Heels today after a heavy boxing class yesterday is killing me though. Ready to go home and get out of these things and do some shopping for a southernmost bikini at southbeachswimsuits.com bikini shop.

Adriana O.