Having a Sweet View Balcony is Worth the Price Tag

Walking to the hotel in Key West is nice
The building and property are so unique and have an absolutely wonderful past. go

Very Central to Old Town
It takes us about 6 Hours to drive here and we typically stay between four and seven nights. go

Plantation Key begins the City Center
The lodge was highlight nicely in the attached sony handy camcorder video. go

Neat Location Makes it Primetime
Now we really know what the Duval Pub Crawl is all about. go

The House Rental is So Cute
We took our fish from the Tortuga Boat and cooked half, with half in the freezer. go

Loves Staying in Key Colony Beach
What a fun resort hotel that is perfectly placed on the Atlantic Ocean, at Key Colony Beach. go

Budget Travel to the Florida Keys
The consensus was to rent bicycles or electric scooters and save money on your hotel bill. go

Plan on Plenty of Frozen Cocktails
This one is right in the Old Town Key West party and entertainment zone. go


Find a Hotel Room

Good times for Florida Keys Boating
If you rent one of the properties for the week, having a private boat ramp and dockage is a huge plus for fun. go

Go Boat Sightseeing
Super is this location for a fantastic boater vacation in the Florida Keys. go

Breakfast Specials with the Zing
There are some very cool places to eat in the area and this is my top pick for the food. go

Cutest of the Island Stores
The Corner Grocery Store is a classic tradition here, so do stop in. go

Nice Place for Overseas Highway Pit-stops
Wow what a treat. go

Travel and Play Car Rentals of Key West
All of our previous vacations were no where near as fun. go

Ultra Classic Keys Style Bar
This kind of party makes our vacation just so fun and eventful. go

Love the Park Extras

So cool-play-fun was the movie night at Founders Park and them showing gomer pyle. I forgot there was a ms bunny on the gomer pyle show. So funny. Maybe it is me, I am watching the whole episode. It is all about dreaming. Jim nabors had a home for years in Cudjoe Key, then later bought a bigger house in shark key.

Ian P.

The Best Place to Stay

We like the Upper Florida Keys Holiday Inn. This is the place in the upper keys where a ton of the snorkel, scuba, and snuba boats go. You can have tons of fun right at the resort, with loads of interesting bars and restaurants in the local area. We were very happy with our pick here in Key Largo Florida. It doesn't look like that much when you first drive up and park the car. It looks like your regular old Holiday Inn, with nothing fancy. This place is fantastic because there's so many good things to do nearby. They have two swimming pools side-by-side with the tiki hut in the middle, we like that a lot. Most of the parking is in the rear of the property, don't bother trying to park in that little area up front because it's way too busy. There is a marina next-door which gets a lot of traffic, so people park here because of the boat trips like the Sailors Choice fishing trip. This is probably the best place to stay if you are going out on scuba diving trips, because there are plenty of boats that go out daily. The Tiki Bar right next to the swimming pool, I believe is named Bogie's Tiki Bar.

Vickie W.