History is alive in Key West Old Town

Florida Keys Golf Vacations
Do play Key West Golf at least once, you have to be able to say that you played at the Southernmost Golf Course. go

Top 10 Key West Sightseeing Locations List
The gang in charge keeps everyone on their toes and happy as can be. go

We loved the Booze Drinking Cruise
It can be kind of spooky, but it is a fantastic the thrill which you adjust to over time. go

Cats have a Great Life in the Florida Keys
I love the cats over at Hemingway, you can feed them if you bring a quarter. go

Experience Key West on less than a dime
The deck at Turtle Kraals is excellent. go

Food that will make you Smile
You can smell the super special treats up about a block away on Duval Street. go

We Love Florida Keys Fitness Play
Now this park has bocce ball too. go

Restaurants that have Healthy and Flavorful Foods
One aspect is that during the daylight hours this restaurant is fine for most children. go


Best of Fun Times

They Play the Best Music
Get any drink on the menu made classic style or go frozen and sip it like a smoothie. go

Getting to Know the Best Sightseeing Locations
From the top end of the street to the end is a huge assortment of cafes, bars, and shopping stops. go

Scenic Key West Hotels We Love
That is when they have look-alike contests, events, and parties both day and night. go

Pick up a Slice with Coffee
That is a must do place in Key West and he is typically there running the show and baking his yummy key lime recipe creations. go

Open for Tours Today
This whitehead street museum is open for tours today. go

Fishing in the Deep Blue Ocean
It starts with the sightseeing from up high on the boat. go

Where to Buy Fresh Caught Fish
We went out on the Tortuga Party Fishing Boat and had a bunch of fresh fish to cook at the hotel tiki bbq. go

July Key West Event List

Do remember the number one thing on the July key west event list. Fans of ernest hemingway's literary greatness and zest for life can start polishing their books. The party is always in July each year. A big week-long party in the laid-back subtropical atmosphere is just the perfect vacation. His enduring works started developing his larger-than-life persona. The annual festival highlights include the papa Hemingway look-alike contest, literary readings, running of the bulls, and the street fair. Learn more about his literary achievements, sporting pursuits and the island's easygoing lifestyle. Nobel prize-winning author Ernest Hemingway lived in Key West throughout the 1930s. I love the bars to see the contestants practicing their papa personas in anticipation of Hemingway Days. All the action happens on Key West's famed Duval Street.

Jefferey F.

High on the to do List

That is so good that exercising is high on your list. Way to go. The Florida Keys is all about bicycle riding on the Overseas Highway bicycle pathway, and you do not need a gym membership. I try to do two rides of an hour each day, and just about always do one long ride. Today I have done my first ride and then mowed my lawn, then into the pool to cool off and get clean. Ride two will be after I get a few Captain Tony's beers in me, then pump up the jams. A boxing class would be nice, as I know it is tough to work out in the air conditioning!

Jerold H.

Things to do Ideas in Key West

Haha, we crosses in the cyber world from the Southernmost Point. I rarely do talk to text on Duval or sightseeing, my phone hates me. I send out so many words at work and have to concern myself with the grammar and sentence structure that when I am not at work, I shut the brain off and tend to type like I talk. Thanks for all the things to do ideas in Key West. It is nice to reconnect to island life.

Elise E.