I like looking at the backcountry with the little islands which dot the bayside

Special Secrets on the Island
Everyone knows about Smathers beach and Higgs beach, but this little beauty has special treats that are all its own. go

Things on the Southernmost Side
Hotels around here are still only a 5 to 10 minute casual bike ride away from Zero Duval Street. go

How to spot cute Key Deer
During the middle of the day you are less likely to see any of the Key Deer. go

Vacations Pleasures of every possible kind
The walking path down to the dock is named as Captain Larry's Trail! go

Scenic locations on the Island
Enjoy the city park which is huge, sunset park for after dark skinny dipping, sharkys for drinks, and the awesome cabana club swimming pool area. go

Coastal Viewing on the Shoreline
Here you are right on Atlantic Avenue where there is excellent pier, restaurant, picnic area, and tennis courts. go

Where to fishing in the Upper Florida Keys
My top pick for dumping the boat in or taking the kids out for a swim. go

Nature has a place along the Overseas Highway
This community preserve gained permanent protection back in 2009 and now is available for free use. go


Outdoors Encouragement

Go Scuba Dive in Key Largo Florida
Got an upstairs and downstairs restaurant right next door, the Galley. go

Very Central to Old Town
Of course being from Southwest Florida (Naples), we always request Florida resident discounts. go

Pad Thai
I love the beef pad spicy dish mix of garlic, bell pepper, green beans, onion, basil and chili sauce. go

Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail
It is called the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail, and much of it is nicely placed way off of the road. go

Islamorada Boater Friendly Cottages
That makes it nice and easy when you turn and head back. go

Making the Most of Key West Island
Everything in Key West now is focused on the ever improving GPS systems, so you now never get lost on the island! go

Affordable Luxury right on Duval
Be sure to ask the front desk for a list of the weekend events, they are great about this kind of thing. go

Nothing Matches the Island Experiences

Important is the Preservation of quality of life and livability of a community. Preventing blight and blighted conditions protects the community from high crime rates. Yet, if we are successful in getting code violations corrected, the reality is that code enforcement is working just the way it is intended. Everything helps keep low crimes rates. We battle with the perception that private property rights should be sacrosanct, and we realize people do not want to be told what they can or cannot do on their property. The Code Compliance Office takes pride in the high scores in these categories since they all relate to how well the city does with maintaining properties.

Desiree B.

Bicycling the Overseas Highway Trails

Eaton Bikes is the outfit for any of the electric bikes. See the key west bicycle riding videos to get more pumped up. The bicycle information is very easy to follow. These videos walk you through all the features and components of the pedego interceptor and city commuter, juiced rider, ford super cruiser, and the nihola cargo trike. Even if you're not in the market for a new island cruiser bike, these are great videos to check out some of the fun and practical transportation vehicles that are coming onto the scene. We've put together helpful videos with detailed information about some of most popular bicycles we carry. Other clients live in locations around florida that don't carry the specific, high-quality bikes they we carry and are nervous about ordering something they've never tried. Many of the florida keys customers like to do their research before they come in so they have a better idea of what they're looking for.

Cecile F.