I like the little beach zones for a bit of solitude

Fantastic Hotels With Beach Play
(Answer) Islamorada has more parks and hotels with beaches than any other part of the Florida Keys. go

Beach Bar of the Florida Keys
Love the seafood, views, and the Tropical Rum Punch. go

Marathon's most scenic Waterfront Viewing Park
On the banks for Sister Creek Channel is a slice of beach sand maintained by the City Park Beautification Team that is just waiting for your beach chair! go

Beach Shore Swimming Hole
We love walking the shoreline of this long gorgeous beach, plus they have all of the watersports. go

Beachside Key Lime Kreamcicle Cocktail
Call this one, upper affordable excellence! go

Swimming Locations in the Florida Keys
I wear sun protection on my skin starting first thing in the morning. go

Private Beach Area is yours to use
Having a nice beach area for swimming at the hotel was a huge treat, and perfect for those with children. go

Bring your Wet Wearable Shoes
Snorkeling is a really good thing to do, so do bring your snorkel gear to the beaches of the Florida Keys. go


Beach Parks

Bayside Boater Pink Shrimp Bar
What a fabulous area for boating, close to the reefs and fishing holes. go

Relax in the Lower Keys Campground
Everyone is open and neat to talk too, it must be the Keys makes people more friendly! go

Tuesday Night Ideas in Islamorada
They serve delicious fresh fish in a laid-back atmosphere. go

Kayak Launch
It is nice to start and head upwind so therefore you know darn good and well you can make it back. go

Lemon Point Deli Market
Very tasty! go

The Tasty Dishes will make you Smile
Just outstanding is the French Style Cafe at mile marker 82.2, where guests rave over the coffee, crepes, pastries and more. go

Something Cool and Tasty
There are plenty of stops along the main drag, or there is a neat ice cream shop at the Seaport Historical Waterway Walk. go


Nothing Tops the Snorkel Beach

Beach Parks

Yes, this is the place where you can snorkel right from the beach. It really is a delight to see, plus has free parking. This town is full of history and great outdoor nature parks. We like the ocean piers. The marine life is a hoot to see. Key West is all about sightseeing and we love checking out all of the neat places around town. This is one of the really cool sightseeing spots on the island. Everything is so peaceful out on the pier, and there are so many beautiful sailboats cruising on the water. Improved water clarity makes it nice to snorkel by the old wood structures, which is where the little fish hide. Only in Key West can you walk out to the end of a beach pier and take a flight of stairs down to enter and exit the water. A great beach day.

Kitty P.