I love the florida keys fishing for Yellowtail Snapper

Get the Tasty Fish to keep and eat
Some people like to go 20 miles out in the ocean, but it is way more scenic to fish near the structure or nature. go

Family Fishing Fun on Key Largo Vacation
We released them all back. go

Unexpected Treasures in the Florida Keys
Fishing is a lot of fun when you can pop in to the live bait store. go

Big Time Fun and Great Nature Too
What fun we had, just amazing. go

Plan Ahead for Your Trip
By doing that, everyone in your party will get a good look at the boat, participant joy, and see exactly what is biting. go

Catching fish has never been so fun
Fishing charters provide the best of all adventures, as you get an ocean voyage, learn about big fishing boats, engage with a local captain, and even later eat your catch! go

Neat Things to Do in Islamorada
We really never used to fish, but when you come here and it's just really entertaining because of the clarity of the water. go

Bait Fish catching in the Florida Keys
Our members have served on lots of important committees and federal advisory boards to make smart choices. go


Toss in your Line

Full Menu Breakfast to Dinner
As you know this town picks up steam mostly due to the alcohol consumption. go

You can Rent Oceanfront in the Florida Keys
Visitors are much better off if they prefer to rent a condo unit in the Florida Keys, since that is where the value shines. go

Fresh Catch Seafood on the Menu
The food continues to win plenty of awards, now in just a cleaner and overall better place. go

Old Town Gift Shop
This is what shopping brilliancy is all about down here at mile marker zero. go

Jewfish Creek Boat Ramp
One of the best spots for sure, going quickly through the cut to either side of the islands. go

Spicing up life for Cats
(1) Please let the kitty run around first thing in the morning, each day. go

Flying Monkey Restaurant and Saloon
You will need time to choose from all of the great seafood, sandwiches, steaks, and salads. go

Fun to go Fishing

Fishing has been pretty good in general the whole month of August. It's really fun to go fishing in southwest Florida, whether it's here the Florida Keys or over around Naples and even Pine Island. I think the best thing is going on the Flats fishing trips where you get to look down and see things in the water. Make sure you know your fish sizes and limits as it is critical to understand what to catch and what to release back nice and gently. On top of your list might be trying to catch a mighty tarpon. Whatever your target it is good to have plenty of water and a big giant hat, as the sun will take over and make that trip not so good even if you're catching a lot. Nothing is worse than coming back and looking in the mirror and seeing a fried chicken wing! I started adding to my Tackle Box this year and have more lures, plus every kind of circle hook size you can think of. For safety I would tell everybody to make sure you have a small compass, just in case you lose power and are floating out in the Atlantic Ocean. It's nice to know which direction we are floating while you're waiting for help! Good luck catching.

Brittney E.

Fish are Biting

Tell Big Pine Key kitty he has gotten tender loving care all week, and that you need to rush off. He will understand that you are traveling south and need to go early! We have to be ready for the Tortuga Party Fishing boat early in the morning. The Florida Keys yellowtail are biting big time.

Jonathon M.