I love the Hotel Experiences and all Things about It

Swimming Pool Excellence
We are so glad we book our suite here and wanted to pass the word on this fine resort. go

Dockside Southernmost Hotel
You can walk to plenty of restaurants and happy hour bars or jump on the bicycles. go

Five Night Vacation of Pleasures
So lucky, we totally loved the place. go

Rental Unit
The main picture is our house and dock. go

Centrally located Marathon Hotel
We would recommend spending a lot of time at Sombrero Beach, and that takes about ten minutes with peddle power. go

Cottages at Kona Kai
It has tropical foliage all over the grounds, which led right out to the bayside waterfront. go

Top Hotels for Families
Numerous great fishing charters, rental boats, bait and tackle, scuba gear and dive instructors are along the causeway into key colony. go

Activities galore at Pelican Cove
Make sure whenever you stay down here on the island you pick a nice place like this that has a good swimming pool. go


Room Rental Recommendations

Stuff to see and do in Old Town
These are original and really help the home shine in its old beauty. go

Key West Chicken Wings
We like mixing it up so much, you should try to explore as many bars and restaurants as your time allows. go

Ten Miles before Key West
Don't forget to dress for the islands and they make some really good plaque and yellowtail snapper, hot chicken wings, and have really cold beer. go

Under the Trees Bar
You would not expect that they somehow manage to make their own beer here. go

Sweet for Views during Dinner
We had a blast and have to rave over the classic burger and fries. go

Local TV Station
The first thing all should do when arriving in your hotel room is to turn on Florida Keys TV. go

Scenic Walkway Park
Hands down a place that fellow guests love the most is the walk out to this island of history. go

Glad to be Here

You might want to follow gomer pile on tv, as when he is asked to do things he does not fuss. He says, like you should say, gladdddd to do it! Getting a reservation to a Hotel in the Keys. Glad to do it. Gomer is always happy. Kitty could learn from gomer too. Book that reservation so we can go to the islands.

Joel L.

The Place for You

We made a good pick with the Marina del Mar. With its large marina area and close location to the reefs, this has to be the most boater friendly spot in Key Largo. Each day we would venture out and explore both side of the island. Being in a good location is really nice, because you won't need to use your automobile nearly as much. Some people might want to take advantage of the tennis courts and for sure everybody will like the continental breakfast. They have good coffee, which is a big deal in the mornings. Some people might not like the fact that this hotel is pet friendly. There are some animals around because of the boat owners that are staying in the marina, plus the pet friendly rooms. For those that have a small dog, this is probably the place for you. For those of you that do not have a dog at all, this is probably not the place a good pick. No matter what the dog owners say, they add a lot of difficulty for people, especially those that don't care about dogs at all.

Shanna B.