I Would Recommend from January to End of December, Anytime is Good

Hotel is Centered in it All
You stay on the backside of the action, so once in your room there is not a sound in the world. go

Room Rentals with Two Queen Beds
This is a really good place as the resort is so lovely in every way. go

Important Hotel Amenities for Boaters
ANSWER: You want a hotel property that has all the extras to make your boating easy. go

Suites that are Pet Friendly
They do have Florida resident specials so be sure to mention that when you are booking. go

Marathon Key Condo Units that shine bright
This was a winner of a pick for a nice waterfront vacation in the Middle Florida Keys. go

Endless Amenities and Inviting Views
This is a really fancy place with a lot of upgrades, first class and way above the benchmark. go

Staying near Mile Mark Zero
Some places just seem to offer a little bit more than the rest and that is the way this resort was for us. go

The Bayside Location is sweet
Make sure you grab a local chart map. go


Tasteful Rooms

Tropical Wearables for Cool Comfort
Especially at night, look to see some really entertaining ways to walk nearly naked! go

One of the best things to do into is enjoy a pedicab ride to get you to dinner or out to that sunset spot. go

Good Bars near Mile Marker 104
This is one of the better places to hit during your Key Largo Vacation. go

Yummy Pie
The recipe is on the bottle, so you can make one at home. go

Every Slice is Pizza Perfection
Take a quick trip to Italy for authentic, artisan pizzamade fresh, while you wait. go

Captain Hooks is a Marathon Attraction
The fun starts just getting on board and preparing for the day. go

Key Lime Martini Cocktail
What a beautiful beach park! go


Vacation Motivation

Tasteful Rooms

I see today at 2pm to 3pm is the Florida Keys: real, blue on wftxd! That would be a good one to tape for watching later, since the nascar race is on today! That is a vacation motivation show. It's a really good idea to tape every single show you can find about the Florida Keys before your vacation. Each night we get together and have a few cocktails and watch the shows, taking notes at the same time. You can get a lot of good ideas about fishing, the restaurants, and even really good recipes. I normally don't watch fishing shows but if it's a Florida Keys fishing out of Islamorada or the Dry Tortugas. The fishing shows have gotten a lot better to because they even tell you which type of fishing lures are better. They often are leaving from some resort and you get some pretty good video to get motivated by.

Fidel F.