If any Place is Paradise, this has to be It

Top Spots with Children to Fish
From Craig Key down to the Seven Mile Bridge. go

Great Boat and Dive Locations for Scuba
It was my buddy's fourth dive and just raved over the experience too! go

Scuba Trip Boats
They offer scuba school with certifications granted as well as refresher courses if it has been a while. go

Getting involved with Florida Paddleboarding
This is a super group trip and you can go quick or take your time and enjoy the shoreline. go

Sheriff of the Ocean
Way back when (1824) the first permanent station in Key West was formed. go

What kind of fish are Biting
Look for it right past the entrance to Key Colony Beach, on the left when heading southwest. go

Enjoy the Ocean in such a Unique Way
If you are staying in Islamorada, be sure to take a drive south one day and really get out and see the native Florida Keys. go

Top Hamburgers in Marathon Florida Keys
It's always fun being in the waterfront locations where the activities are endless. go


Kicker Motor Lifestyle

Vaca Key in the middle of Marathon Island
Vaca Key is a huge nature filled island just off the coast of Marathon, next to boot key harbor. go

Flat Lagoon Setting
You can rent a single or tandem kayak with gear from the park ranger when you drive up to the check-in gate. go

Transportation Rentals
This is now the very first thing we do after we check into our hotel. go

Sailing is an option in the Keys
Surprise-Surprise! go

Going Topless Everyday at the Top
This place has live music going for everything but breakfast and is one cool spot to play and enjoy cocktails. go

Quality Hotels near Duval Street
Do try the third floor bar at the Bull and Whistle, the views up there are just outstanding! go

Have a Floating Celebration and Party
And it was my birthday! go


Going out on the Boat

Kicker Motor Lifestyle

It is so fun going out on the boat, especially if you bring your fishing poles. I think the Florida Keys boating is a lot more fun since you can see down in the water. It is nice when you can spot one of those four or five foot sharks, which get a lot bigger out in the deep but you will not see them out there unless your scuba diving. The smaller sharks you can find in about five feet of water when you're cruising around in your boat. I think it's fun to boat kinda slow, and be in no hurry so you can look down and see what's going on underneath the water. I wanted to mention something very important. Never leave your seafood out of the refrigerator for more than the time it takes to serve it. If you have some extras that are cooked, try to get it back in the refrigerator as quickly as possible and don't leave it out like a dinner party. I see it all over the place when we get invited over to friends house. People leave the fish sitting on the table just way too long. Do not let your fish spoil. Just trying to help people out here with a little advice.

Bradly E.