If you bring bicycles it helps you to stay at a wider variety of locations

Good Scuba and Snorkel Area
We did it all since they have all the watersports amenities right here at the ocean front property. go

Marathon Key Condo Units that shine bright
The deals are better with a Weekly Marathon Key Condo, the amenities add so much value. go

The Bike Path goes right by the Hotel
Now you can look at the fancy new electric automobiles that can buzz you quickly up US1 or Roosevelt boulevard. go

Location Next to Bike Path
Cook your own catch outside on the ready to go gas bbq grills with a beer in hand. go

Wet Vacations when staying in the Keys
Just got back from our four night weekend bash here at the Postcard Inn and wow did it deliver. go

Quality Value and a Nice Location
It was like hitting a home run, as we knew it was great when we walked the property. go

More Great Florida Keys Accommodations
Sometimes we just love to be treated like honor citizens and that is what we get here at Simonton Court Resort. go

Holiday Inn Express Marathon
Great amenities are just part of the prime experience at the new Holiday Inn Express. go


Weekly Travel Spotlight

Drinking Wine is a Big Deal
Some of us drink wine for the vacation, others for the sunset buzz. go

Seven Mile Bridge Boat Ramp
When you boat on the slow side in the three foot depth range, it is much easier see the nurse sharks down below. go

All you need is Five Dollars
The king of the inexpensive has to be the Dollar Store, and it is right in the middle of it all. go

Diving is so fun in the Keys
I thought the Boat Trip was so cool, it really moves and is exciting. go

Food is Super Yummy
Pick between all sorts of daily specials like caramel bars, chocolate eclairs, and fruit tarts. go

Great Selection and Colorful
The place is huge and packed with nice things to try on, and lots of natural fabrics. go

Really Exceptional Things to Do
The shop has lots of gifts and Ana's Patio Restaurant is fantastic. go


Super Location for Bicycle Riding

Weekly Travel Spotlight

The bike shop is super at 5994 Overseas Hwy. One of Trek's lines is the Pure and offers cyclists a low stance and stable ride. Here is a local's tip, go with the seven speed for bridges and wind flow. The bike features aluminum construction, a comfy saddle and wide tires and comes in two models - a single speed and a seven speed. Ride with a good bike for sure. It has to do with the bike's geometry: a lower than normal seat with pedals positioned slightly forward. People have to be able to put their feet down without having to hop off the bike or falling left or right.

Lyndon B.