Immerse yourself in the watersports pleasures of the Florida Keys

Boater Hotel
There is no doubt there are a lot of very good places to stay in the Florida Keys that are boater friendly. go

Reef Trip Review
If you are not snorkeling, then you should be mapping your gps coordinates for the secret fishing spots like the Marathon humps. go

Quick and Great is the Overseas Restaurant
My menu pick is the pesto marinated pork steak with veggie couscous. go

Get your Fishing License
(Answer) Residents and nonresidents of the Florida Keys are required to have a saltwater fishing license to fish even behind the hotel. go

Florida Keys Travel on a Boat
This is the marina we use as home base to fun. go

Where to get food by boat in Islamorada
What a fabulous area for boating, close to the reefs and fishing holes. go

Have your Camera Locked and Loaded
Every reef trip is a different adventure, which makes get a few goose bumps on the way out. go

Picking your Water-Based Trips
Fury is the best of the watersports options. go


Eco Watch

Marker Fifty Three Marina
We the water sports pleasures and boater bars! go

Marina Resort and Vacation Suites
Our four day upper keys boating vacation could not have been better. go

My spot for Yummy Gelato
The food has the true flare, as the owners moved down from Montreal and serves up only the most authentically prepared recipes. go

Walking Tours are tons of fun
What can be better than a Key West drinking tour, for adults only of course. go

Our Exciting Weekend of Play
Forget about all that crazy stuff you see on TV, the city of Key West has kept its act together by focusing on its natural beauty. go

Atlantic Oceanfront Beach Hotel
Some places just seem to offer a little bit more than the rest and that is the way this resort was for us. go

Go Scuba Dive in Key Largo Florida
Right in the heart of Key Largo is this dive shop. go


Go Boating

Eco Watch

You're on vacation and you decide to go boating, and for you. You have picked something special, and it is one of the better things you can do for fun down here on the islands. I've done this many times with all kinds of different people and I've noticed a tendency for people not to store their fish catch properly. You go to so much trouble catching your white bait fish in the morning by the Shoreline, gassing up the engine, and making the effort to get out for a big day on the water, so bring your fish back properly. It is important to prevent bacteria from raw seafood and you want to take steps to avoid cross contamination. Make sure you wash your hands for at least thirty seconds with hot water and soap before and after handling any raw Florida Keys seafood. The same thing goes for whatever tools you're using to prepare, or cut, or store the seafood. Get it as quickly as possible into the airtight freezer bags and you will be happy!

Danilo D.