Island folklore goes really deep and is very entertaining

Best Thing we Did
A kayak journey is a wonderful sealife encounter and we found a neat rental location. go

Best Sitting Spots
Absorb all of the vibe and a big crowd makes it even more special. go

Successful Key West Fishing
What an outstanding 4-hour boating voyage we had and even caught a bunch of fish to top it off. go

Walk above the Ocean
You learn a lot on the tour of the island, which is optional. go

Touring Train
As you move on to later days, start drilling down to all of the neat local things and educational tours. go

Curry Hammock Campground
It was the best ever rv trip and you get a nice beach right behind the camp site. go

Boat Parking at the Hotel
Having lots of quick access options to adorable-fun is so welcome. go

Bicycle Riding Ideas
You cannot go wrong with a bike or scooter when in town for some fun on the island. go


Readers Choice Awards

Snorkel Adventures are the Best
Swimming around in the ocean is so relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. go

Very Good Florida Keys Restaurant
The taste of tradition and touch of nostalgia have made the casual style family restaurant a favorite stop for many that come stay on the island. go

Perfect for all Looking for Fun
Very interesting, an excellent tour. go

Great Stay and Lots to Do Close By
That is when they have look-alike contests, events, and parties both day and night. go

Enjoy a Bit of the Island Life
You are going to want a floatee to enjoy your splash play. go

Submerge into an Underwater Paradise
Snorkel trips include friendly crew, safety equipment and a selection of refreshing drinks. go

Couldn't Believe How Wonderful this Restaurant is
The Checca Watersports Action all happens right in front of the eyeballs of the hotel and restaurant patrons. go

Finding the good Help

These darn Florida Keys oil change places seem kind of scam focused and I want to report it. We can talk about this over the weekend. That is a good one from the bottom of car knowledge: it looks dark so we want your money! Dark does not mean anything even with oil. It is the only thing they have to try to grab your wallet. I could be wrong. Poor Florida Travel Commander is just an adviser, but I have never ever, never ever done it. They tell me every time to get it done, air filters, gas filters, all the rest. My cars run fine up and down the Overseas Highway!

Rosetta Q.

Unique is Fun

Yeah to the animal lovers, like me and six toed cats. Exactly at 6pm, the focus will be on the kitty play time and the wildlife. No time for fixing things. That is great you spotted the full moon on a summertime weekend. All the critters will be out and the kitty-cats! It will be a wild weekend, with no time for fixing things. Next time will be good.

Melody N.