It is a lot of fun to experience different types of seafood

Key Largo Takeout Chinese
It is great and we just took our bikes over to it at the Tradewinds Plaza by the big giant Publix. go

Fresh from the Ocean
Everything was just fantastic and they keep it nice and cool inside, perfect for refreshing your head and skin! go

Cranberry and Walnut Salad
They serve all sorts of nice seafood dishes, wraps, and sandwiches, but the salads are my favorite. go

Award Winning Seafood Ceviche
Step right up to the bar and order both a mojito cocktail to drink and some ceviche to chew. go

Quick Food Cafe
I love the iced coffee, cafe breva, and the ninety miles from cuban coffee. go

Grilled Mesquite Shrimp Menu Specials
It is our top pick. go

Where to Go for Lunch Today
Where to go for Lunch in Key West? go

Tables with Sweet Views
You get to sip on these big drinks and taste a bunch of interesting appetizers. go


Hungry Times

Angelina Guesthouse at Angela Street
Rent bicycles to maximize transportation and sightseeing exploration. go

Fantastic Bicycle Adventure Tours
They treated us just right and we have to thank them for the outstanding service. go

A Really Clean Place is a Big Deal
The larger places like the Sheraton Key West are excellent, but we tend to go with the Old Town area. go

New Summer Styles
Leave the men behind as this is the place for women's clothing. go

Enjoy the Show about Scuba Sports
While your chances at seeing a giant alligator are not so good here, expect a fantastic adventure. go

Travelodge on North Roosevelt Boulevard
There is plenty close by for food and cocktails. go

Pleasures of the Live Music Scene
Typically the have a happy hour party from four to seven, then the music goes live after that. go


Everyone loves Fried Tuna Cakes

Hungry Times

I can make a bunch of grilled in fat-free spray tuna cakes using the fresh jalapeno, celery, onions, and spices. Tuna cakes are really good inside sandwiches with pickles, cole slaw, and fresh tomato slices. Yeah for the menu pick of tuna cakes! Everyone loves fried tuna cakes, just the dipping sauce is a personal preference. In search for the Florida Keys best tuna cakes.

Bonnie Q.