It is great to do lots of different things on the water

Featured Key West Bread Company
Come to find out from the service provider at our table was the bread here all comes from Cole's Peace Bakery. go

The Waffles and Pancakes are Fantastic
As we plan our summer getaway, which of the cool Key Largo Restaurants to hit is a big part of the planning. go

Live Music Nightly by the Pool
We always now mix up the sunset celebrations, as there a bunch of different spots that rock for fun. go

Right on the Waterfront Docks
Found about a mile off US Highway One, near mile marker five on Stock Island, the one connected to Key West. go

Outdoor Dining in Key West
The adults can get all their alcohol, and oh my goodness I love the salads with the shrimp on top. go

Oceanside Tiki Bar
This is one place you have to stop and enjoy. go

Drink Specials Make Key West Shine
Only a couple of blocks down from the Mallory Square Entertainment Zone is this sports bar and grille. go

Enjoy Casual Island Cuisine
It is a super place for the whole family to eat and enjoy some splash play. go


Raving over the Menu

Children's Events in Key West
It is a great reason to party and celebrate! go

Where to Snorkel from the Shore
This is a beautiful beach located in the southernmost part of Key West, where the atlantic ocean meets the gulf of Mexico. go

Circle Hooks and Live Fishing Bait
Our favorite local tackle shop, as we tend to fish own our own. go

Blue Crab Cake Recipe
Keeping the oil out insures lower calorie per cake. go

Waterfront Restaurant in Marathon
We came on our first visit to get some seafood to go at the indoor market. go

Ladies-Girls Fashion Store
It has now become my top spot to shop, I come here every time we vacation in Key West. go

Wet Shoes in the Florida Keys
This is a great place to pick some cheap ones. go


Restaurant Eating Locations

Raving over the Menu

Things are looking good for the restaurant boater-friendly eating weekend. Everything down here is weather dependent, the boating or the restaurants, even the live music because you're at a Patio Bar! That sounds good about the Sloppy Joe's menu, I have been so impressed. They make some really good chicken wings in the nuclear style. Hopefully it won't be too hot. I would like to see the new place at the Yacht Club too and we have to go to captain tony's for late-night drinks. I think the one thing I've discovered about this town is you need to do your Good Eating during the day, and then the alcohol is more of the focus.

Santos W.