It is a super area to see

Things on the Sightseeing Bicycle Pathway
Using special high tech underground radar tools local archeologist were able to locate the remains of an amazing historical event. go

Lots to see on the Historic Bridge
There is a lot to see out on the ocean and gulf as one walks the Old Span of the Seven Mile Bridge. go

The Big Trees Tower over the Streets
Legends abound over pirates and sailors raiding the area to take the water they needed to live. go

Old Home Mansions
We would recommend both the walking tour and the Cityview Trolley ride to learn mega about the past. go

Sunken Treasures
Boat go out daily looking for the silver coin scatter patterns that points to the direction of more shipwreck treasures to be found. go

Publicity Builds off Truman Visits
Having Mr Truman come and visit the city of Key West so many times was a big blessing to the growth of Key West as we know it today. go

Great deal of History
Wait until you hear about the fantastic history that this property has been through. go

Driving in the Florida Keys
There are canals that had to be blasted with dynamite like Adam's Cut, we stopped there. go


Old Fashioned Sightseeing

Famous for the Sub Sandwiches
Inside you get to browse the Lobster Art Work that comes from the store in Islamorada. go

Suites at Bayside Travelodge
We just entered the island and the hotel maybe only five hundred yards in, on your left. go

Vacation Sightseeing in Monroe County FL
We were offered some really nice ideas for waterfront dining, nature parks, and snorkel boat options to get us out on the ocean. go

Where to see live music in Key West
It is located right next to another popular spot, the Green Parrot. go

Up-close Florida Keys Dolphins
In Marathon, the dolphin focused center offers excellent educational presentations about every half an hour throughout the entire day. go

Mile Marker 50 Paddleboard Rentals
Immerse yourself in the watersports pleasures of the Florida Keys! go

Staying down around Mile Marker 50
Being close to Sombrero Beach was a big treat too, plus all the local bars and restaurants within five minutes from the hotel. go


Cool Things to do in Town

Old Fashioned Sightseeing

Make sure you get the schedule for the Tennessee Williams Theatre. Head out for a neat show in Key West. The williams theatre is one of the cool things to do in town. There are so many Unique Things to Do around town.

Florine W.