It is very relaxing on this side of the island

Walk, Bike or Drive to the Park
You can see the historic fort close up, as a nice bike and walking trail takes you around it. go

Florida Keys Kayak Launch Location
You can tour the mangrove trails and see more marine life than during the glassbottom boat ride. go

Scenic Overseas Bicycle Trail Riding
It is a fun time enjoying the Scenic Overseas Trail and several multipurpose connectors to Big Pine, Marathon, and Key West. go

Top Spots for Island Play
The pedal-cabs turn around right here so you can hear the ding-ding of their horns while you are in the water. go

Florida Keys Kite Boarding Locations
Anne Eaton will forever be a classic nature beach area attraction. go

One very cool Beach Zone
Even those to are completely different than each other. go

Water Based Vacations are the Best
Its a quiet area, far from US1. go

Labor Day Hurricane of 1935
We recommend taking kayak out (cheap rentals are everywhere) and a four-hour fishing party boat. go


The Trails are Great

Unique Things to Do
We love the places that put on the smiles. go

Vaca Key in the middle of Marathon Island
Vaca Key is a huge nature filled island just off the coast of Marathon, next to boot key harbor. go

Middle Islands Tropical Clothing Store
You might end up with a lot more in your suit case than when you arrived. go

Coolest Ever Dessert Shop
Even cutting a few corners you can make a great pie anytime at home if you keep some of his key lime juice in the refrigerator. go

Taking advantage of the Treasure Harbor Waterfront
You leave by boat and can turn either way to huge the coastline and explore. go

Happy Times with the good Location
Hotels within walking distance are so nice to rent. go

Art Show in a Box
We like to look around for the first few days, and pick up that most unique and most wanted gift on the last day before you leave so you've had time to look at everything. go

Outdoor Dog Friendly Sightseeing

There were quite a few people using the dog park, but that's about it. The rest of the park was pretty empty due to the cool weather, but I enjoyed it. The sun was shining bright and the air was crisp and cool. I just really wanted to get out and take it in - of course, it helped knowing that next week I'll be enjoying 80 degree weather in the Keys.

Roderick Y.

Looking for the Wildlife

Island life is good for the Florida Keys Pets. Make sure kitty pooh juniors is fully filled up with nutrition each evening. I have been watching nat geo wild and the kitties often fight to exhaustion. Cats like to control their home and be the boss man kitty when the bully cat comes around. Your cat has a wonderful life here in this tropical environment (non mowed yard)!

Beatrice Q.