It's a Great Zone to make for your Vacation, with lots to do and Plenty of Attractions

Eco-Discovery Center in Truman Annex
We biked here from Alexander Palms Court and it is next to the snorkel park at fort taylor beach. go

Curry Hammock State Park
However, because the location is a ways away from any of the city centers, there are usually just a handful of people at the park. go

Tropical Botanic Garden and Community Preserve
Near the center of town is the Key Tree Cactus Preserve, open daily for visitors from 8am to Sunset. go

Molasses Reef Underwater Video
All of the big dive boats in Key Largo or Tavernier go out to the park daily. go

Each Trip Brings New Experiences
This beach is entertaining, with an outstanding Cafe for nourishment and cocktails! go

Pick up a Dive Flag
Be safe in the sun and water, do things in pairs, keep to shallow water, and wear shoes or wet-wearables at all times. go

Sunshine Day is a Beach Day
Just know that a fun day out at the beach for a family here in Key West can be a lot different than the larger more well known beach areas around the State of Florida. go

Deep Sand will make you work
Always busy are the beachside volleyball courts here at Smathers Beach. go


Appreciate the Parks

Higgs Park Public Tennis Courts
Now this park has bocce ball too. go

Great Vacation for Couples or Party Types
On our other Key West Vacation Trips it was pack the car and drive into the action part of the city. go

Fantasy Fest Mask Headquarters
This is the best spot here for all the zaniest outfits, you will be the star! go

Great Location and lots of Smiles
Everything is so nice and you will love the swimming pools and the fantastic food. go

Islamorada Frozen Cocktail Bar-Restaurant
Every single weekend car loads of families head south down US1 to come here for full-bodied Florida Keys Fun. go

Cheap Rooms along the Florida Keys Overseas Highway
For this Florida Keys Trip, we went to the Marathon Island because it is huge. go

Hess Express Mile Marker 99
It was so nice to stay right across the street from the Hess Express, at the Bayside Inn. go

Outdoor Pleasures

I've never told anybody this before, but is true. Life in a bathing suit is not too bad. First let me explain what a men's bathing suit is, short pants that are designed to get wet and dry quickly and they have some sort of mash underwear inside, plus pockets. There like a normal pair of short pants except for they have underwear inside and everything dries off superquick. That is the only thing I've had on for at least seven years, and it might be longer. Even in the wintertime I've never even had the jeans, or any other type of long pants not even those athletic type longsleeve things that people put over the top of short pants. I have all that stuff but I haven't ever wore it because it's never really necessary. In the winter you do have the put on sweatshirts and bundle up top but your legs are a factor. Seven years in a bathing suit, it's pretty cool. Of course this means I only go to beach bars and tiki restaurants. Most places are casual in South Florida so short pants and a nice shirt and some nice shoes, no problem. The only thing is my shorts are really bathing suit shorts!

Mari K.

Entertainment Purposes

I feel pretty fortunate to be an athlete and competed from way back when, even at the Florida Keys Bocce leagues for the Hogs Breath Saloon! You do realize that I moved from Big Pine Key to atlanta Georgia! You are lucky to be in sports, I complement you on it. Softball is a cool thing. I was lucky enough to grow up where I could toss ambidextrous, for both baseball and basketball. I could change baseball gloves during the middle of an inning in high school and switch from right-handed to left-handed, that used to really freak folks out! Remember that some of this is for entertainment purposes! Boring is no good. True story, the best thing I did one time was hit eighty-three free throws in a row at a basketball shooting contest. I have plenty of bad memories of turnovers, strikeouts, and even getting a marijuana burn whole on my high school varsity baseball uniform with five games to play left in the season. Smile and enjoy your Key West softball team and I want to go to one of your games. I can't wait to you play a game down here somewhere I want to see it, just for fun, I realize your over your prime!

Elmo N.